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AeroFlow, Corp.

R1250RT '19-Current


R1250RT Sport AeroScreen

RT Sport AeroScreen now available! The Sport RT AeroScreen is specifically designed for riders who want a smaller, sportier looking screen that delivers smooth, turbulence-free airflow to the body and helmet.

Being nearly half the height of the AeroFlow Touring AeroScreens, the sharp-looking Sport RT screen is perfect for around town riding, day-trips, track-days, riding in the twisties and hot weather.

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R1200RTW AeroScreen 

R1250RT Touring AeroScreen

Smooth, aerodynamic contours and perimeter shape ensure turbulence free airflow as it leaves the screen.  The mildly flared top directs smooth airflow up and over the driver's helmet while below eye level.

Due to the AeroScreens aerodynamically efficient design they provide Solo and 2-up riders much better coverage and protection at much lower screen height settings than stock or other screens.

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R1200RTW AeroWings

R1250RT AeroWings

AeroWings help improve the coverage of any screen!  Based on our effective & best selling K1600GT/GTL AeroWings, we developed a similar design for the watercooled RT's.

AeroWings will eliminate the active, turbulent air that hits your face, arms and torso.  Also improve passenger coverage and comfort.

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AeroFlow R1200RTW HeadLight Cover 

R1250RT 2-Piece H.L.C.

Under the category of "Out of sight, out of mind", did you realize that there's a 26 square inch exposed portion on the underside of your bike's headlight assembly that stones, rocks and road debris can damage?

Rather than ignore the fact that it's there, we've created a 2-Piece HeadLight Cover that provides protection for the lower portion as well.

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