AeroFlow, Corp.
AeroFlow, Corp.

R1250RS Watercooled


R1250RS Watercooled Sport AeroScreen

Sport AeroScreens create an amazing amount of protection for their size.

4-different height screens allow you to tailor the amount of protection to fit your height and driving style.

Shorter height screens offer protection to your body​, while leaving your helmet in clean airflow.  Taller heights will ​provide more torso and arm protection while directing clean air over your helmet.

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R1250RS Watercooled Touring AeroScreen

Our Touring AeroScreens are wider and taller than our Sport screens providing more helmet, torso, arm and shoulder protection.

More overall protection from wind on the body also translates to less fatigue and more comfort on longer rides.

The added protection also allows you to extend your riding season in the Spring and Fall's cooler and cold/rainy conditions

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