AeroFlow, Corp.
AeroFlow, Corp.

R1250GS & R1250GSA '18-Current

R1250GS / R1250GSA Touring AeroScreen

Touring AeroScreens for the watercooled R1250GS & R1250GSA.  Provide Solo and  2-up riders with our signature "Over the helmet while looking over-screen protection."

AeroScreens create a wider envelope of protection for both driver and passenger eliminating turbulence, buffeting and wind noise. Available in 3 heights to accommodate all riders.  Clear only.

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R1250GS / R1250GSA Sport AeroScreen

Sport AeroScreens are intended primarily for Sport and Off-Road riding.  They offer air to the arms, shoulders and helmet, but without the turbulence generated by the stock BMW screens.

Great for sport riding in the twisties 'cause they block wind to the body while allowing an unobstructed view of the road.
Available in Clear or Smoke.

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R1250GS / R1250GSA HandFlare Extensions

HandFlare Extensions (HFX's) are designed to deflect air that sweeps under the sides of the windscreen, as the windscreen is lifted, and attaches it to the back of the screen. This helps enlarge the envelope of protection at the shoulders and helmet. 

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R12GS AeroGards

GS Adv. AeroGards

Attach to AeroFlow HandFlare Extensions.
Improves coverage for the helmet and shoulders, and torso.
AeroGards create a dramatic improvement in driver protection without resorting to a complete re-design of the bikes body work. 

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R1200 LED HeadLight Cover

Protect your expensive headlight assembly.  Molded to fit the contours of your headlight and manufactured with the same high quality plastic used in our windscreens, the clear HLC virtually disappears when mounted. Fits LED headlight.  

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