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R1200RT Touring AeroScreen

  • Aerodynamic Shape and Smooth Surface Contours provide smooth, turbulence-free, over-the-helmet airflow.
  • Available in 4 heights to suit all drivers.
  • Clear only.
  • All heights in stock.  1-2 days processing time.

R1200RT Touring AeroScreen


AeroScreen Design
The AeroScreen has several notable features incorporated into the design that contribute to its performance.  True to an AeroFlow design, the RT Watercooled screen incorporates a flare at the top of the screen. Since airflow follows the shape it's leaving, the AeroScreens' mildly flared top directs smooth airflow up and over the driver's helmet while running the screen below eye level.  The smooth contours and perimeter shape ensures turbulence free airflow and reduces back-pressure. 

Due to the AeroScreens aerodynamically efficient design they provide Solo and 2-up riders much better coverage and protection at much lower screen height settings than stock or other screens.

4 Heights available to suit all drivers
Our 6'4 beta tester was amazed that while lifting the Tall AeroScreen he started getting over-the-helmet airflow while still looking 4" over the top. He never had to lift the screen to eye level to achieve full coverage. Our local beta-passenger noticed a major improvement in protection with our AeroScreen in the full down position over the stock screen before even getting up to freeway speed.  When running at freeway speeds, the screen only had to be lifted a few inches to achieve better protection than the stock - even when compared to running the stock screen full up position.

General Screen height recommendations:
The best way to determine the correct height is to take the measurements.  Click here for instructions on how to make an AeroScreen Height Templates. Please be sure that when you print the .pdf height templates that you select "Actual Size" and not "Fit to Page".

Standard Height: For most drivers up to 5'-9" with stock seat in the low position and no bar-backs.

Medium Height: For most drivers from 5'-7" to 5'-11" with stock seat in high setting, and no bar-backs.

Tall Height: For most drivers from 5'- 10" to 6'-5" depending on use of stock vs. aftermarket tall seats in high setting and use of bar-backs.

X-Tall Height: For most drivers 6'-3" to 6'-8".

Note: All screen height recommendations are just that. Recommendations based upon what worked best for our beta testers. Bike set-up, bar-risers, seats used and seat position settings, as well as driver's build (height, weight, inseam, etc.) all determine what will work best for each, individual driver.


Customer Testimonials

Hi Christine.  I need to let you know how impressed I am with my new screen (2016 R1200RT).  Utterly amazed is not an understatement.  I have experimented with many different aftermarket screens on many different bikes over the years, always with mixed results.  Minor improvements in wind/noise protection were often accompanied by a dramatic change in the bikes looks (“Gee, nice barn door you got there…")  When I installed my Aeroflow screen, I was impressed at how the style matched the bike, but was absolutely shocked at how much more wind/noise protection this screen offers.  At highway speeds with the screen only slightly up (vs fully up with the stock screen), my helmet is in beautifully calm air, with no buffeting or back pressure.  I can ride without earplugs, the stereo volume is at a fraction of my normal setting and my face shield can be open.  With the screen in the lowest position, I still get good airflow on warm days.  Fantastic screen, well done!