AeroFlow, Corp.
AeroFlow, Corp.

R1150GS 2-Piece Fairing

Notification: The R1150GS 2-Piece Fairing requires our custom made brackets which are no longer available due to high production costs.  You can not mount the system without our brackets.  Limited selection of replacement plastic pieces are available for those that already have the AeroFlow R1150GS 2-Piece Fairing brackets.


2-Piece Fairing Design: Replacement plastic only.  Upper Windscreen available in 4 heights, Lower Body available in Clear only. 


2 Piece Fairing Upper Windscreen Portion:
The Upper Windscreen portion allows airflow to the backside of the windscreen. This airflow combines with the air traveling on the front of the screen at the "flare" pushing the air up and over your helmet.  Available in 4 heights: Standard, Medium, Tall & Extra Tall.


2-Piece Fairing Body Portion:
Directs air down, out and away from the rider. The Fairing Body delivers lower torso protection and expands the envelope of protection.  Available in Clear only.


R1150GS 2-Piece Fairing includes Mini-Wings.  Mini Wings deflect the air that comes up between the back of the fairing and front of the gas tank.  Mini Wings attach with Dual-Lok at underside of AeroFlow mounting bracket.


Dimension and Height Measurements:

Heights measured vertically from top, front edge of gas tank. With bike on center stand.
The best way to determine the correct height, is to measure the heights available and go with the tallest one you can easily/comfortably see over.


Screen Height:

Measured vertically from top, front edge of gas tank.
Standard: 18 1/8"
Medium: 19 3/8"
Tall: 20 1/2"
Extra Tall: 22 5/8"

Actual length of upper windscreen portion.
Standard: 18"
Medium: 19 1/2"
Tall: 21"
Extra Tall: 23 1/2"

Upper Windscreen width, measured horizontally with yard stick.
Width at widest point: 20"
Width at top: 14"

Fairing Body width, measured horizontally with yard stick.
Width at widest point: 23"

R1150GS Upper Windscreen Replacement Plastic Only

R1150GS Lower Body Replacement Plastic Only: BACKORDER for approximately 2-3 months.