AeroFlow, Corp.
AeroFlow, Corp.

K100RS & K1100RS AeroFairing

The AeroFlow Solution
The AeroFairing is taller, closer to the driver, and wider than the stock screen.

Designed to allow the driver to see over the screen while providing optimum protection for both driver and passenger.  2 AeroFairing heights available - Standard or Tall.  Available in Clear only.  Easy to install, no holes to drill or tools required. Attaches with Dual-Lok to provide a strong secure hold.  On and off in seconds for quick cleaning or hot weather riding. 

AeroScreen Design

The AeroScreen has several notable features incorporated into the design that contribute to its performance.  The Flare at the top expands the envelope of protection for solo or 2-up riding. Our goal is to provide you a screen that eliminates turbulence, buffeting and back-pressure.  The outline of the screen follows the form of a seated rider. Provides excellent hand, arm, shoulder and helmet protection.  The AeroFairing wrap around design protects the upper fairing & headlight from road debris or rock damage.

Height Recommendations:
2 Heights available.  Standard for riders up to 6' and Tall for riders over 6'.

Extends 14" above top of Naca Duct (Standard) 
Extends 17" above top of Naca Duct (Tall) 
7 1/2" (Standard) 10 1/2" taller than stock (Tall) 

21 1/2" wide at hands
15 3/4" wide at top
6" wider than stock

Actual AeroFairing dimensions:
21 1/2" wide at the hands - tapers up to 15 3/4" at the top
11 1/2" wide at the fairings nose

Customer Testimonials:
Just to let you know, I found out about your products from the BMW listserv that I was on when I first got the bike. Of course, there are a lot of Americans on the list, and it is through them that I figured out AeroStitch, Russel Seats and AeroFlow products. What pushed me over the edge to buy the AeroFlow was when I read Ron Ayres' book and found out that many long-distance riders prefer your product.
I have an Aeroflow for my BMW 87K100RS. Absolutely love it and the ability to be a convertible in just a few seconds. Gives great wind protection and saves my ears from all the noise.
Gerald B.
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K100RS & K1100RS AeroFairing:


K100RS, K1100RS & K75RT HeadLight Cover

Protect your expensive headlight assembly with an AeroFlow HeadLight Cover (HLC).  Molded to fit the contours of your headlight and manufactured with the same high quality plastic used in our windscreens, the clear HLC virtually disappears when mounted.  HLC's attach with Dual-Lok to provide a cushion for impact and a strong secure hold.  Don't get left in the dark - get your HLC today!

K100RS, K1100RS & K75RT HeadLight Cover: