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f750850gs hlc 

NEW! F750GS, F850GS & F850GSA HeadLight Cover

°Protect the bike's $1,800+ headlight assembly.
°Easy on & off for cleaning.



New F750GS & F850GS/GSA HeadLight Covers!

New HeadLight Cover!  Made from 3/16" thick, Impact Modified Acrylic, our HLC provides 8-times the impact protection of other non-modified acrylic covers.

HeadLight Covers attach with Dual-Lok, which creates a 3/16" gap between the Cover and the headlight.  That space allows the HLC to compress and absorb impact without coming in contact with the headlight. The gap also allows airflow over the headlight which allows heat to dissipate.  Dual-Lok fasteners also allow for quick and easy removal for cleaning. 

It's not just the high price of replacing your bike's headlight ($1,800+) but it's also the hassle of possibly being far from a dealership when it's broken and not being able to ride at night.  We call our HLC's "Cheap Insurance" for your headlight with the added benefit of peace of mind.