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R1250RTW AeroWings

  • Available in Clear or Smoke


R1250RT AeroWings
AeroWings expand and calm the driver and passenger's envelope of protection by catching air off the bike's side panels and directing it out and away from the riders. Though designed to work best with the new AeroScreens, subsequent testing also showed a noticeably improved bubble of protection for drivers and passengers regardless of which screen we tested against.

AeroWings attach to the bike's side panels with 3-M Dual-Lok, which allows them to be easily removed and re-attached for cleaning the bike. Also, by attaching the Wings slightly below the mirrors they allow the mirrors to fold-back without hitting the deflectors.

Be sure to watch the review by "Chris On The Street" below.  Visit Chris' YouTube channel for more RTW videos.  Excellent installation tips and product reviews. 


R1250RT HeadLight Cover



R1250RT HeadLight Cover
As usual, we not only design the best driver and passenger protection available, but we also design HeadLight Covers that provide the best headlight assembly protection available.

Made from Impact Modified Acrylic, that's 6 to 8 times more impact resistant than other covers, our HLC's protect the front of your headlight from pitting caused by sand and damage from impact by stones, rocks and road debris.

HeadLight Covers attach with Dual-Lok, which creates a nearly 3/16" gap between the headlight and our cover, that space allows our Impact Modified Acrylic to compress, and absorb most impact without coming in contact and hitting the headlight. The gap also allows airflow over the headlight which allows heat to dissipate.  Dual-Lok fasteners also allow for quick and easy removal for cleaning.