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AeroFlow R1200RTW Touring Solution:  Offering the Best, All-Weather, Any-Distance, Solo or 2-Up rider protection available.  We've designed, in-house and Beta-tested the "AeroFlow Windscreen and AeroWing Deflectors Combo". Together they create a calm envelope of protection unmatched by any other windscreen. 
R1200RTW AeroScreen   R1200RT Watercooled AeroScreen ('14-'18)
Our AeroScreens smooth, aerodynamic contours and perimeter shape ensure turbulence free airflow as it leaves the screen.

And, since airflow follows the shape it's leaving, the screens' mildly flared top directs smooth airflow up and over the driver's helmet while below eye level.

Due to the AeroScreens aerodynamically efficient design they provide Solo and 2-up riders much better coverage and protection at much lower screen height settings than stock or other screens.

Now available in 4 heights.  Clear only.

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R1200RTW AeroWings   R1200RTW AeroWings
While testing our screen designs against the stock, and other aftermarket screens we noticed, that regardless of the windscreen being tested, there was active air in the face, on the arms, waist and torso.
Based on our effective & best selling K1600GT/GTL AeroWings, we developed a similar design which eliminates the active air and make a notable difference in driver and passenger coverage.

Available in Clear or Smoke.

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AeroFlow R1200RTW HeadLight Cover

R1200RTW 2-Piece HeadLight Cover
Under the category of "Out of sight, out of mind", did you realize that there's a 26 square inch exposed portion on the Underside of your bike's expensive headlight assembly that stones, rocks and road debris can damage? Rather than ignore the fact that it's there we've created protection for the lower portion as well, which is why we call our solution to headlight protection the "2-Piece HLC".
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