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R1200RS Watercooled Touring AeroScreen

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AeroScreen Design
The AeroScreen has several notable features incorporated into the design that contribute to its performance.  True to an AeroFlow design, the R1200RS Watercooled screen incorporates a flare at the top of the screen. Since airflow follows the shape it's leaving, the AeroScreens' mildly flared top directs smooth airflow up and over the driver's helmet while running the screen below eye level.  The smooth contours and perimeter shape ensures turbulence free airflow and reduces back-pressure.

Heights available to suit all drivers
Our Touring AeroScreens are wider and taller than our Sport screens providing more helmet, torso, arm
 and shoulder protection. More overall protection from wind on the body also translates to less fatigue and more comfort on longer rides. The added protection also allows you to extend your riding season in the Spring and Fall's cooler and cold/rainy conditions. 

The Standard, Medium, and Tall Touring screens are made only in Clear 3/16" thick Impact modified acrylic.

R1200RSW​ Sport and Touring AeroScreen Mounting
The R1200RSW mounting brackets have High and Low screen mounting holes so the Stock ​ screen can be mounted in either a high or low position. ​
For better structural integrity our larger  Sport and Touring​ AeroScreens attach to the brackets using only the top and bottom pair of bracket mounting holes. This still allows the AeroScreens to be adjusted Up and Down with the stock adjusting mechanism's approximately 3" of lift from the low to high positions.

Height and Width Comparisons
Our AeroScreens don't extend as far below the  screen ​ mounting holes as the stock screen. Consequently, comparing overall screen lengths is not relative to the screens' effectiveness. Height comparisons are made from the center of the top mounting holes to the tallest part of the screen, at the center. The tallest part of the body is the top of the helmet and, to create the best helmet protection, the screen needs to be tallest at the center.
​Until we have schematic comparisons ready here are some of the details comparing our AeroScreens to the Stock BMW screen​.        
                          ​ ​
Height at center of screen, above top holesWidth at
widest point
*Measured as straight line across back
Width at
top of screen
*Measured as straight line across back
Stock Screen19"8 3/4"16"11" at tips
AeroFlow Touring AeroScreens
Standard20 1/2"11 7/16"22"17 1/2"
Medium22"12 15/16"22 1/4"17 1/2"
Tall23 1/2"14 7/16"22 1/4"17 1/2"

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