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R1200GS/GSA & R1250GS/GSA Watercooled Touring AeroScreens:

 Available in 3-heights in Clear Only.

Our Touring AeroScreens are designed deliver better protection than stock, without buffeting, for solo or 2-up riding.  Delivers our signature, "Over-the-Helmet airflow while Looking-Over-Top" protection. The AeroScreens' larger envelope of protection also holds up much better than stock in heavy wind conditions.

Compared to stock, the AeroScreen's smoother aerodynamic surface and perimeter shape account for the major improvement in protection. Also, our screens are Taller in the center* and over 5" wider at the top for much better helmet protection. They're also 1" wider at the widest part of the screen for a much improved overall envelope of protection for driver and passenger.

Screen Height Recommendations:
Height recommendations are based upon beta-test and customer feedback and are "Recommendations-Only". Factors such as driver sensitivity, height, weight, inseam, helmet and protective gear, plus bike's seat, seat-height setting, use of bar risers, etc., are differences that may change suitability of screen height from driver to driver.

Screen heights are measured from bottom to top at center of screens. Stock R1200GS screen is 15" tall at the middle. Stock GSA screen is 17" in the middle.

Standard Height:
2 1/2" taller than GS stock screen, 1/2" taller than GSA stock screen. 
17 1/2" long when measured from top to bottom, center of screen.
Recommended for driver to 5'10" tall with stock seat in low position.

Tall Height:
4 1/2" taller than GS stock screen, 2 1/2" taller than GSA stock screen.
19 1/2" long when measured from top to bottom, center of screen.
Recommended for drivers to 6'-4" tall with stock seat/high position (Based upon Beta tester results)

Extra-Tall Height:
6 1/2" taller than GS stock screen, 4 1/2" taller than GSA stock screen.
21 1/2" long when measured from top to bottom, center of screen.
Recommended for drivers over 6'-2" tall with taller than stock seat and/or addition of bar risers and/or addition of bar-backs.

AeroScreens provide the best protection possible while still retaining the stock mounting and adjustment features.

AeroScreen vs Stock

For Tall or Extra Tall AeroScreen customers, we suggest adding the popular Cymarc strengthing brackets to the windscreen adjusting mechanism.  These will reduce play in the BMW lifting mechanism, which in turn holds your screen steadier. [More Info]

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R1200GS/GSA HandFlare Extensions: Fits '13-'16 GS & '13-'17 GS/Adv.
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R1200GS/GSA HandFlare Extensions (HFX): HFX's are designed to deflect air that sweeps under the sides of the windscreen, as the windscreen is lifted, and attaches it to the back of the screen. This helps enlarge the envelope of protection at the shoulders and helmet. HFX's attach to the bike's stock black, plastic handflares with double sided adhesive tape. Available in Clear or Dark Smoke and come both With, or Without, Holes*. 

Important:HFX's with holes are necessary for use with AeroGards. *HFX's without holes cannot be drilled later for use with AeroGards. So, if you think you may want to add AeroGards later, buy them "with holes."
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R1200GS/GSA AeroGards: Fits '13-'16 GS & '13-'17 GS/Adv.
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R1200GS/GSA AeroGards: Attach to HandFlare Extensions (HFX). Available Clear or Dark Smoke.

AeroFlow AeroGards create a dramatically larger envelope of protection for their size. The bubble of protection improves coverage for the helmet and shoulders, and extends down the torso to about 6" below waist level. They attach to the HandFlare Extensions with a nylon screw and nut to prevent them from being lost.  GSW AeroGards also attach with three Dual-Lok pieces.  GSW AeroGards attach with the stock T-25 Torx side deflector mounting screws.

We think AeroGards create the most dramatic improvement possible in driver protection without resorting to a complete re-design of the bikes body work, which would be prohibitively expensive. 

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R1200GS LegGards: Fits '13-'16 GS only.

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R1200GS LegGards: Available Clear and Dark Smoke (Does not fit GSA)

LegGards do exactly what their name implies.  They protect your legs from the top of your thighs to the top of the bike's cylinder heads, which is truly appreciated in cold and wet  weather riding. LegGards attach to the AeroGards and bike with 3-M Dual-Lok. You must have AeroGards on the bike to attach LegGards.

LegGards are only needed on the GS since the Adventure's wider gas tank blocks most of the air that our LegGards do. 

Note: Due to the way heat is drawn away from the bike's radiators LegGards should be removed for hot weather driving (temps over 80 degrees F.) as they block air needed for cooling the legs.

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