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AeroFlow R1200GS Touring 2-Piece Fairing

R1200GS Touring Fairing Testimonials 

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Not one to go overboard on praising a product, but I have to say that the AeroFlow Windscreen and Half-Fairing that I bought for my '06 BMW R1200 GS is fantastic. The unit arrived, along with a set of AeroGards (not yet installed) last night, and I set about doing the installation today. Clearest set of instructions for any DIY installation I have
ever seen, and the step by step "kits" makes it even easier. (I did notice that the aluminum brackets are now one-piece each for brake and clutch sides, much like the older steel brackets. Good choice, as it makes things even "cleaner".) The entire installation process did not take very long, and when finished the smooth lines of the windscreen
and fairing actually look very sexy on the bike. I immediately took it out for short ride to check that everything was properly fitted and working. What a wonderful experience. I am a tall guy (6' 4", with a 34" inseam....long torso body), and ordered the x-tall height unit. Perfect. The wind slipstreams over the top of my helmet, allowing me to actually ride with my helmet windscreen up, if I wanted. The OEM windscreen, even in its most upright position, dumped air directly into my neck and face, causing more buffeting that riding the bike
bare, so to sit upright again, and have calm air at my chest and head is truly a treat. Looking forward to hitting the road again for some long rides without fighting the wind as before.
The R1200 GS is really not outfit as a "touring" type of bike, but with the AeroFlow Windscreen and Half-Fairing, it is feeling more protected, like a fully-faired "RT" or other cruiser, but without losing the more open feeling of the enduro. Great product, great looks, very effective. (As mentioned above, I have not yet installed the AeroGards, but I can already imagine how effective they will be. I was about to do the install, but did not want to remove the gas tank side panels, again, in order to get the Dual-Lock stuff into 70+ temps for 72 hours, as recommended. May put them on next rainy day or two and let them "cure" inside with the warmer temps. But for now, would rather be riding and enjoying things with the new windscreen and fairings for these first few really nice riding days this year.) Again, thanks for making such a thoughtfully designed and engineered product that actually delivers all and more than you advertise.
L.J. Lipke
Katy, TX

Dear Aeroflow,
Thank you for making my new R1200GS a great fun useful bike. The fairing has worked wonders. If you have any improvements down the way, please let me know. I am always interested. I posted the following on ADV rider this morning...
"As posted earlier after purchasing my 12GS, I tried stock in all positions, a flojet, a ztech + tobinators, a CeeBailey, and nothing in between mountings. I guess I did all of this to waste money and convince myself that none of this stuff works very well. Mr. Cindy has said it all. No screen works and you love the bike, but hate the pain in the head. The first day I rode with my Aeroflow was as exciting as the first day I rode the bike home. Aeroflow absolutely transforms this bike into a wonderful capable machine. I now love the ride, the bike and am very happy. Without the great work from Aeroflow, I would be a very unhappy owner of a 12GS. In my humble opinion, just buy the Aeroflow and forget wasting money on all the other junk."
Peter S. Hesse

I just wanted to let you know that I installed my new WS on my r1200GS today. In short, it exceeded by expectations. First, the smoke body on my blue and black bike looks awesome...much better than I thought it would. Second, I can't believe how much wind noise has been eliminated. I can actually ride with my helmet visor raised up to about 60mph. Before, at that speed I would need the visor locked down and ear plugs to keep the noise to a manageable level. At 80mph, I did have to drop the visor but the ride was so nice not being blown off my bike as before. The next test will be to ride in the rain to see how much the new WS improves the visibility. I'm sure it will be a quantum improvement. Just wanted to share some initial feedback from a satisfied customer.
Rick Sherak

Just wanted you to know I received my fairing for my GS and want to congratulate you on such a wonderful product. And to top it off, it is also beautiful. Paige, you are the best and I thank you very much. I look forward to the R1200RT Windshield you are working on cause I have one of them too. Thanks again.
Tom Saitta

Just writing to tell you how pleased I am with the windscreen I just got for my R1200GS. Ordered Monday, installed Wednesday.
They work well at reducing wind noise and buffeting on the freeway and they are very well designed and built. I am 5'11" and the tall size worked well for me, I could easily see above it except for the few feet right in front of the bike. My passenger also noticed the quieter ride. The installation instructions were the best I have seen for any of the dozen or so aftermarket gadgets I have purchased for motorcycles. Having the 6 little kits was an excellent idea, the illustrations were good and the there was just enough text to make it clear but not get so detailed I didn't read it. I liked that you included metric equivalents for the required tools. Though it would have been even better if all the hardware was metric, I would guess that getting your special hardware metric would be tricky. I particularly was impressed with your clever technique for torquing the nylon fasteners. They are the most expensive aftermarket windscreens I am aware of , but after installing them I think the price is totally in line with the quality. Thanks for a great product.

Dear Aeroflow,
Let me start by saying hats off to all the people at Aeroflow for a wonderfully designed windscreen. I had your windscreen for my R1150GS and it was great! After a looooooooong wait I finally got the one for my R1200GS Adventure. I can tell you….it was worth the wait! This screen is awesome! The build quality is next to none, the brackets make for a rock-solid setup and the screen blocks the wind as well, if not better, than on my 1150GS. Thanks again from a very happy customer!

Just purchased the 1200GS half works great. I'm 6'3"+ and the extra tall worked super.
PS this my 4th Aeroflow...1150GS, 1150RT, 1200LT and the 1200GS.
Frank Stevenson

An overdue note to thank you. I ordered my new screen through BMW in Santa Fe. What a huge difference, it works great and looks good on top of that. It saved me from terrible thoughts of a trade in with only 400 miles on my new bike!!!
Charles Winecoff

Just a comment. I’ve used your windscreens before and liked them but the screen and lower unit for my BMW R1200GS is a HOME RUN!!! It keeps the wind off of me just fine while the lines of the screen and especially the brackets compliment the bike itself.
Great design job. Thanks.
Tom Reeves

Hi from a happy R1200GS owner,
I ordered an R1200GS fairing from Christine on Wednesday and it arrived the next day. I was impressed! I picked up my GS yesterday, installed the screen and fairing last night, and rode it 445 miles today including 120 miles in rain. You've done it!
The R12GS is a fantastic bike with a horrible factory windscreen. I spent about $300 trying to find a solution for my '05 R1200GS that was wrecked in June. After that, I rode an R12GS with one of your screens and I knew that was the way to go when I replaced the GS. I was right. Nice work!

Just wanted to tell you that I just installed my new aeroflow on my GS. Nice Saturday afternoon piece of work. The bike I bought is a new 2009 R1200GS Special Edition. Everything fit perfectly, went together like a dream come true. I was worried (realized half way through) that because the bike has the front fender extension of the GSA I might have some issue with the lower body bracket, but, no, everything went great, just as a standard GS. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I found that all the pieces are of the highest quality and finish, fit perfectly, and the instructions, as long as you go slowly and not try to rush, were clear and concise. Thanks for a great product. Now, tomorrow, I will give it a whirl on the road and let you know how it works. But, so far as fit and finish, the best. Thanks again. Realy great product.
Doug Walsh

You people have put a lot of love into your product and I appreciate that. I have just come back from a ride after installing your extra tall windshield on my 2005 GS1200 (I'm 6'5) and it works perfectly, absolutely no buffeting or wind even at 150 km. I had a Givi and it was awful. The parts are well engineered and blend in with the rest of the bike. This was a real feel good purchase. I just thought that maybe you would like a little feedback on your product.
Jerry Reuter

Hi Everyone at Aeroflow
Ralph Fourt here. I sent you the framed pic of my Aeroflow in the field of sunflowers. Just wanted to send my special compliments to Christine for how superbly she handled my logistically difficult order, which involved two exchanges, the third shield being the charm. Christine went the extra mile to arrange UPS pick up at my remote location in Arkansas.
At explaining all my questions, Christine was knowledgeable, thorough, clear, paitent, and concise in all her communications Her customer service skills, ability to think on her feet, and arrange quickly for complex logistical shipping and receiving in ways that were highly favorable to me, really impressed me. I also thank Page for allowing the second exchange (blemished extra tall, for a perfect one).

Moreover, it was an exceptional, one-of-a-kind experience to have the owner of a company stay on the phone with me, leave his desk, grab a tape measure, walk out into the factory, sit on the same model motorbike as mine, so we could both take measurements at the same time, while talking to each other, to help me choose between the tall or extra tall upper faring.

And the Aeroflow faring? Darn near as good as Christine and Page! And believe me, that's saying a lot! For me, the extra tall upper faring on the R 1200 GS produces a nice calm pocket of quiet air flow which allows me to really enjoy the ride and the motorcycle. I get a lot of compliments on how good it looks on the GS, and hope my accolades to fellow GS riders makes some sales for you. I am glad I decided to go with an Aeroflow faring first. I see others going from one aftermarket windshield to another, adding extensions, hardware modifications, wings, edging, lips and such, and rarely getting that elusive pocket of calm air. In over 40 years of riding, this is the best wind protection I have had. It is the quietest, and yet my line of sight is well over the top of it.

I recently test rode an R 1200 RT, prior to buying the R 1200 GS. I am 6' 2" and I have never found a stock faring or windshield to be tall enough for me. For me, the Aeroflow on the GS, is much quieter with less buffeting than the stock faring and shield on the RT. I rode the RT on a calm day, on country two-lane black-top highways, with no traffic. There was noise and buffeting. Under the same conditions the Aeroflow is as quiet and calm as I could imagine any set up could be.

In heavy traffic at high speeds, or on very windy days, the Aeroflow is, naturally, not as quiet as it is on a calm day with no traffic. The Aeroflow is subject to the laws of physics, yet uses those laws to slice air with great stealth.

Great product, great customer service.

Thanks to all,



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