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AeroFlow R1200GS/GSA Touring 2-Piece Fairing: '05-'12 R1200GS & '05-'13 R1200GSA

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2 Piece Fairing Design: '05-'12 R1200GS & '05-'13 R1200GSA.  Upper Windscreen available in 4 heights, Touring Lower Body available in Clear or Smoke and all mounting brackets / hardware.


Fairing Upper Windscreen Portion:
The Upper Windscreen portion allows airflow to the backside of the windscreen. This airflow combines with the air traveling on the front of the screen at the "flare" pushing the air up and over your helmet.  Available in 4 heights: Standard, Medium, Tall & Extra Tall.


Fairing Body Portion:
Directs air down, out and away from the rider. The Fairing Body delivers lower torso protection and expands the envelope of protection.  Available in Clear or Smoke.   Special cuts to accommodate Adventure models or Hepco & Becker Engine Guards available.


Lightweight Aluminum Brackets:
All Brackets, with exception of the "Lower Side Brackets," are aluminum.  The "Lower Side Brackets" are steel, and are model specific, meaning the '05-'07 brackets do not fit the '08-on models and vice versa.

Dimension and Height Measurements:

Heights measured vertically from top, front edge of gas tank. With bike on center stand.
The best way to determine the correct height, is to measure the heights available and go with the tallest one you can easily/comfortably see over.  Click here for a picture of the measuring point.


Screen Height'05-'07 R1200GS'08-On R1200GS'08-On R1200GS Adventure
Standard17 1/8"18 1/2"16 3/4"
Medium18 3/8"20 1/8"18"
Tall19 5/8"21 3/8"19 3/8"
Extra Tall21 1/4"23 5/8"21 3/4"


Upper Windscreen width, measured horizontally with yard stick.
Width at widest point: 20"
Width at top: 14"

Fairing Body width, measured horizontally with yard stick.
Width at widest point: 24 1/2


Customer Testimonials:

“Severe wind warning – gusts as high as 40-50 miles per hour.” Of course today was the first ride on my new GS with the Aeroflow Fairing. Note: I confess to have tried ALL the other windshield options over the years. Up to now my Gold Standard was the Vetter Fairing I enjoyed on a 7,000 mile cross country trip in 1974.
I can honestly say the AeroFlow is my new Gold Standard. Especially after today’s white - knuckle ride in sever gusts, crosswinds and sidewinds. My advice – look no further.
There just isn’t anything that really compares to this “half-fairing.” - OK, I can see making the easy swap for the summer Sport version come Spring for a cooler ride. But today, at
45 degrees and a nasty wind chill - - I was smiling all day long. Thanks Christine! Good to know that nice people still make great products.
Greg Dziuba, Connecticut
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Pricing and Availability: In stock, ships within 24 hours.  Must ship in oversize box.
Click on the drop down menu below to view product cost, options and click Buy Now.

R1200GS/GSA Touring Fairing: Includes Upper Windscreen, Lower Body & Mounting Hardware.

R1200GS/GSA Upper Windscreen Replacement

R1200GS/GSA Lower Body Replacement

*Use the drop-down arrows (next to the "Buy Now" button) to view height and color options/cost.

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