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R1200C 2-Piece Fairing

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Customer Testimonials:


I received the Windscreen and AeroGards for my R1200C the other day. I started grinning as soon as I opened the box. The design and workmanship in addition to the quality of the mounting hardware was simply awesome. Even the instruction sheets were a work of art! I had the unit mounted that afternoon and went out for a test ride. It works beautifully! The top screen is a little taller than I expected. I find myself looking through the top as opposed to looking over it. With the optical clarity and no distortion I will leave it just like it is. Your product is a great addition to a great motorcycle. Thanks for your prompt shipping and thanks to the guys in the shop who did a great job polishing the demo top section.
I am very pleased!!
Best regards,
Gary Foxworthy in Kingsland, Ga.

Just a short note to thank you for the quick delivery of a quality product. I received the Aeroflow windshield for my BMW R1200C yesterday and installed it last night. The installation instructions were clear and it is a perfect fit. A quick ride down the freeway confirmed what everyone told me about your works! Thanks again for your assistance and quality assurance.
Roger D. Dempsey

My screen for the cruiser arrived today and I installed it. I ordered medium height with "universal" brackets. All I can say is WOW!!! Your product is of the finest quality all the way from the design to construction, to the instructions and even the packaging. And those universal brackets are stronger and better made than ANYTHING I have seen for the R1200C. I also appreciated that you included extra bits and pieces, just in case. Since I had no windscreen prior to this I don't have a basis for comparison as far as performance is concerned. After I installed it I took my bike up on the freeway and ran it up to about 85. There was mild buffeting but nothing overwhelming. Overall it does a great job of keeping the wind off me and my comfort level just increased least. So thanks for building such a great product. Just when I think everything made today is crap someone like you comes along to prove me wrong!!!
Ron Jenson

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the half fairing on my R1200C since you talked me into the AeroGards! Quite a difference! I'm also pleased that they are so unobtrusive; my friends didn't even notice them until I pointed them out. Great design work on the shield and the gards.
Larry Mediate

Dear Aeroflow,
I have had your windshield, hand guards, and side fairings on my R1200c for several years now and have always enjoyed the quality and riding enjoyment that they give but as of last Tuesday, it went to a new level. I just got back from riding in southeast TN with several friends an family members. On the fourth day (Tuesday), we were returning to Deals Gap by way of a detour off of the foothills parkway. About midway down the hill a large deer ran across the road in front of me. I tried to move out of the way but the deer jumped and landed into the upper part of the windshield.
Your product took the hit keeping it off of me. Unfortunately, the impact knocked me off the road into a soft shoulder and myself and my beautiful C went over a drop off about 20 feet and landed upside down. We where both dangling from a few vines a couple saplings and a bush.
As you can imagine standing on the roadway looking down and only being able to see my back tire and exhaust pipes, I became extremely distraught looking at my bike dangling on the side of 300 foot drop off and thinking about how much damage I would see 4000-5000,. who would know. After 2 hours and a wrecker that came from Maryville, my C was on its way back up the cliff, upside down.
After flipping the bike back over and trailering it back to the campsite, my father and I began the inspection. We first removed the side cases, seat, tank, and such to inspect the engine and mechanicals. Then we begun to wash everything off. Well, you would never believe this, but we could not find a single scratch other than the broken upper windscreen. We finished putting everything back together, added some waxing, and oil that drained out and she fired right up. After a 5 minute inspection by a local dealership which gave us thumbs up I was off for another 200 mile ride on Weds.
In closing, I would like to say that we believe that the handguards and windscreen had kept the controls and everything else suspended in the vines and soft soil of the hill side preventing the bike from tumbling any more, and had absorbed enough of the impact to prevent any major injury to myself other than some scraps and bruises. Once my father returns from the rest of his vacation we will have digital picks available, again you wouldn't believed it looking at the picks.
Thank you again for a great product,
William Berisford
Aeroflow customer for life.

*Q & A from BMW message board
If my answers to your questions take on the feel of a sales pitch, let me say that I am not on Aeroflow's payroll. I am simply a very satisfied customer.

1. It is virtually impossible for me to accurately assess any changes in mileage nor am I going to be a slave to these varying numbers. The variables are too many: 1 & 2-up riding; flat terrain to twisty mountain roads; with and without my Bushtec Roadstar cargo trailer. Bottom line, any change in mileage since mounting the Aeroflow system can be termed "insignificant. I don't know if Aeroflow can furnish any "mpg" information.

2. The Aeroguards, when installed properly, are rock solid - no vibration. Additionally, the Aeroflow 1/2 fairing is vibration-free. I have had 2 different versions of the "body" (the lower portion) and have evaluated/tested different heights of windscreens (the upper portion).

3. The Aeroflow 1/2 fairing is and will continue to be my primary windscreen. I suffered for 19 longs months, seated behind the BMW 'large' U.S. windshield. Upon receipt of my Aeroflow system, the BMW shield was removed - never again to be reinstalled on my scoot.

I can't imagine anything helping the BMW shield. With all of its inherent problems it would serve better as a relish tray. I have never ridden with a Parabellum shield - it is anyone's guess if the Aeroguards would help.

Please keep in mind that the Aeroguards were designed and developed as part of a system - not as a "fix" for the errors and omissions of some other manufacturer nor were they designed to be a universal fits-all item.

4. Air Pocket. This is something that I now have. Something that I feel will never be attained with any of the BMW shields, the Parabellum or the Memphis Shades item. My wife's comfort level has also increased. The pocket extends above her head and beyond he sides and legs with no air current beating her in the back. I have experienced no negative effects in handling nor economy when pulling my trailer.

When I wore my 3/4 helmet behind the BMW shield, It was necessary to wear a 'flip shield'. The "dirty air" created by the shield caused my glasses to vibrate and my eyelashes to flutter. As for buffeting, one evening
when surrounded by semi's (front, left, and right), the buffeting was so bad that my wife thought I was possibly having a seizure.

5. The Aeroguards when used in conjunction with the Aeroflow 1/2 fairing are akin to the icing on a cake. They are not necessary, but the cake is one hell of a lot better with the icing.

John P.


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