AeroFlow, Corp.
AeroFlow, Corp.

R1200C AeroGards

AeroGards, are the key ingredient in creating a total comfort zone for both the driver and the passenger.  AeroGards nearly double the envelope of protection produced by the Half Fairing alone.  The Half Fairing Body design directs air down and away from the bike where it is picked up by the AeroGards.  They further direct the air on to the cylinder heads (cooling engine operation) and out and away from the rider(s). 

AeroGards are held on with Dual-Lok for a strong, secure hold. 

NOTE: Cruisers with the chrome intake covers require a special cut AeroGard.  Please inform us if you have chrome intake covers at time of ordering.  Available in Clear only.  Buy the AeroGards at the same time as the Half Fairing and save $20.

R1200C AeroGards:


R1200C HandGards

HandGards are the final element in the R1200C driver protection package.  They allow you the full benefit of heated grips, keep your hands dry and protect your hands from gravel and other debris thrown up by traffic.  A must have for cold weather riding.  Available in Clear only.

R1200C HandGards:



R1200C HeadLight Cover

Protect your expensive headlight assembly with an AeroFlow HeadLight Cover (HLC). Molded to fit the contours of your headlight and manufactured with the same high quality plastic used in our windscreens, the clear HLC virtually disappears when mounted.

Don't get left in the dark - get your HLC today!

R1200C HeadLight Cover: