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R1150GS 2-Piece Fairing

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R1150GS Customer Testimonials:

Thanks for a great product. Installation was straight forward, and the tall version for the '02 BMW GS is just right at 6'2". Feels like just enough air movement behind the screen when hot weather hits, but the pressure from the previous wind blast is gone from my chest and shoulders, along with the thundering buffeting that came with the stock screen. I can actually hear the machine run now at 75 mph. Makes it all much more enjoyable. Came up behind a semi and felt none of the previous side push from the blast off of his grill as I went around him.
Had previously tried another after market product from another California company, at half the cost, but it was a waste of money. Resold it and purchased yours. Very satisfied. You folks did it right.
Bruce Van Roekel
St. Charles, MO.


To the Folks at Aeroflow,
I have been in the Aviation field for 13 going on 14 years now. I’m a “Tin Basher” as my co-workers like to say and I have installed many kits. From simple repair patches, to lopping off the wing tips and installing winglets. Even a complete interior from scratch for a Bombardier 604 business jet. Still having flash backs on that one. I really wanted to let you know that, of all the kits I’ve seen in my days, this is by far the best most professional kit I’ve seen. Well packed, hardware in individualized bags as per area of install, labels on heavy card stock not plain paper. Kit list in which to check that all the bits are here. Even the tape that held the foam in place seamed to be the best possible chose. It did its job but was a breeze to remove from the foam. All parts fit exactly. I love that the brackets are pre drilled for lights.
Oh ya, the shield works great. J First trip was a forest service road in BC Canada (In-Shuck-In)
Justin Cherewyk
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Structures
License # 796379

Aeroflow gang:
I'd like to take this opportunity to let you know how happy I am with your R1150GS half fairing.
I'm a tall guy at nearly 6'5", and finding a motorcycle I'm comfortable on is a bit of a challenge. After crashing my BMW 1150RT, I wanted to get a lighter, more nimble bike, yet one that was still big enough for me to be comfortable on. The 1150GS was my choice, and I liked all aspects of the bike, except the tiny windscreen. After only 30 minutes or so of riding, I'd have a horrible headache. Interstate trips were out of the question, as I could barely hang on to the bike. I was missing my RT, and beginning to think I'd made a horrible mistake in buying a GS.
I read several testimonials from satisfied Aeroflow customers, but the cost of the half fairing kept me away. I modified my stock screen, tried a Give screen, and even a GS Adventure style screen tailored to my height. While both the Givi and the Adventure screen helped, I still suffered from some buffeting. I discovered by accident that the turbulence was coming from my LEGS! I thought to myself, "That's why the Aeroflow has those big 'pods' on the side".
I ordered the half fairing, installed it, and went for a ride. What a wonderful product! Not only did it cure the buffeting problem, it made the ride many times quieter. I can actually hear the bike running! Before, I couldn't ride to the end of my street without earplugs in, now I reserve the plugs for long rides at highway speeds (although the screen has make even high speeds tolerable).
The half fairing was money well spent. It's turned my GS into a wonderful touring machine that is darn near as good as my RT. You guys have given me exactly what I wanted. A lighter, more nimble, less expensive GS skin!
Chad Hargis
Nashville, TN

Please feel free to add me to your long list of satisfied customers. After researching aftermarket screens, I ordered an Aeroflow for my 1150 GS. I installed the screen Tuesday in about three hours and went for a test ride. All of my problems are solved. Thank you very much.

I just wanted to send you a note to say how much I like my new AeroFlow windscreen on my 2004 BMW R 1150 GS Adventure. I installed it in about 1-1/2 hours and took it out for a test ride into Chicago to do some errands. Instant "new bike." Much less buffeting and wind noise. The next four days were 10 hour days in the saddle on a trip to Wisconsin and Minnesota. The shield performed beautifully and I look forward to a lifetime of riding behind it in comfort.
Keith Kleinfeldt
Flossmoor, IL.

Hello from Paris, France.
One year ago, I bought an Aeroflow half fairing for my 1150 GS from Calamender in UK. It has changed a good bike for me into a nearly perfect one : no more buffeting and noise. I can drive now long distances much more relaxed. This summer, I rode from Paris to Romania and back and I was very happy to have the screen.
Here is a picture of my bike in Romania
You can see more of them at
Best regards
Olivier Chretien
Paris, France

Ben, I just read your article in the Sept. 02 Bike Magazine on the BMW R1150 GS. I agree with you completely. I purchased my 2002 GS last September. By this Summer I had decided the GS was gutless and bought a Suzuki GSX R1000 (what a bike!). My brother-in-law, Tony started riding
with me since I have an extra bike and the wind battering above 55 mph actually gave him a headache. Earplugs and a full face helmet helped but he couldn't keep up. I talked to a fellow getting his GS serviced at the same time I had the bike in the shop for an oil change, and he said he solved the problem with an AeroFlow two piece upper windscreen and lower body portion screen. I got one at for $409.95 and installed it within an hour. Cruising at 95 mph is like sitting in your Lazyboy chair watching TV. No Wind! Tony says that the reason we had trouble with the bike was the wind that held us back, I agree. The bike is now perfect, and we call it "the Hoss", the GSX R1000 "the Boss". You should consider the handling you had at the track and wonder how good it could be if you were not being killed by the wind. Get in touch with AeroFlow and let me know how it works. I was going to sell the BMW until I listened to the rider in Baton Rouge, LA. Good Riding,
William Hill, Gulfport, Mississippi

Hello Aeroflow,
I wanted to let you know how well I think your product is designed. After thousands of miles of being buffeted by the turbulence behind the GS windscreen I was ready for a change. Your product was installed quickly and after hitting 70 mph down an entrance ramp an hour latter the performance of your product proved to be more than I had expected. I road 360 miles that morning in complete comfort. An added benefit is that your product looks great and integrates better with the bike visually than the OEM. Thanks for the great work.

I called around and also polled my Northwest GS web group and asked about aftermarket windscreens. The consensus was that the Aeroflow was the best screen available for my 1150 GS. I was about to head out on a 3400 mile trip and so I ordered the Aeroflow half fairing screen. The ordering process was efficient and the screen arrived on the date promised. After ordering the screen, I figured that I might as well install the Piaa lights at the same time. Since I was going to remove the gas tank to hook up the Piaa lights, I figured I might as well put in the quick disconnects on the gas lines so that I could easily remove the tank in the future – i.e., like when I needed to service or replace the battery. Others had suggested just propping up the tank but I am glad I took the extra time and effort to remove it. It allowed me to mount the Piaa relay and stow the extra wires nicely.
The Aeroflow screen went on easily. The installation directions were clear once you looked at them for a bit and the parts were well labeled. I had a very good ‘out of the box’ experience with the Aeroflow product. I am 6’ 2” and Aeroflow had suggested the tall screen for me and I was worried that the edge of the tall screen would be right in my main line of sight. To my relief and satisfaction, the edge of the installed screen was in the perfect position just below my line of sight.
The Piaa lights and the gas line quick disconnects took more time to install. They took more time probably because I took my time and was real cautious and tried my best to do a clean install. There is that point of no return and full commitment when you slice through your gas line….(:^o
Well, the effort and expense was well worthwhile. The Aeroflow screen performance was excellent. Not just good, but excellent. We rode 3450 miles though side winds, rain, hail, and a snowstorm on I-70 that coated the entire screen with ¾ inch of snow. (We have a photo) The Aeroflow screen performed well in all circumstances as well as at triple digit speeds. It made the ride a lot more fun by smoothing out the air for me. The screen also has an attractive curve to it when viewed from the side.
The integrated mounting for the Piaa lights is well positioned. The lights are tucked nicely under the snout on the screen frame and not only great for conspicuity, but they really light up the road at night.
I would certainly recommend the Aeroflow screen to any GS rider that wants to get rid of the buffeting that comes with the stock screen.
Alex in Washington State
2000 BMW 1150 GS

Hi Page!
I promised you pictures of my 1150 with the Aeroflow half-fairing on it. As you can see, I need to wash my bike. But getting back to your screen, wow! What an improvement over the Parabellum and stock BMW screen that comes on the bike.
When I last contacted you I was wondering how to attach PIAA 520's to the bike. After considerable thinking and conversations, we decided to cut about 2"-3" off the bottom of the screen. As you can see by the JPEG13 above it looks great up close and also from a distance in 11 and 12. Anyway it was a GREAT solution. I would recommend it to anyone. It has not affected the screen protection or the strength at all.
The other shots, 15 and 17, are just great to have to see the protection the screen offers and how it looks with 520's mounted. Feel free to use these JPEG's on your site. Pictures
Thank you,
John Killen

I just received my new windshield for my R1150GS and installed it yesterday. Installation was as easy as you said - no problems. Well that's not the best part. It works even better than described or expected. I just had to put a quick 200 miles on just to see if what I was feeling was not a fluke. No more neck and shoulder pain, no more wind noise. I don't know what you did but it really works.
Jerry Hart


Got it. Victory installed it. I've ridden 1800 miles with it. It's another Aeroflow HOME RUN! Paige, you're a helluvan engineer. The small tabs at the bottom make a world of difference on the turbulence. The height is perfect. Thanks for all of your help in getting this to my new bike on time. Keep up the excellent work!
Ron Johnson

This isn't an inquiry. I just want to say thanks for prompt service and a great product. Installed the Aeroflow half fairing on my 2000 BMW 1150GS, today - Christmas. Everything fit, went together EXACTLY as the instructions said they would. Looks great and works better! I am 6'5" with 33' inseam, your tall shield took away all the buffeting. I just can't say enough about the effectiveness of the your design. Thanks again and please let me know when the AeroGards are available for the 1150GS.
Gordon Gotzinger

As with all Aeroflow products I have purchased, I want to tell you how satisfied I am with your latest product.
I received my R1150 GS half-fairing yesterday, installed it last night (along with a set of PIAA lights, thanks to your ingenious mount), and spent what free time I had today running up and down the road. Your windscreen system on the new GS works great. Thanks for making a good bike great. also makes the bike look better!
Thanks again,
Keith Stowers

Christine -
It did come today. I got home early enough to put in on and go for a short ride. It is, in a word, GREAT!! An amazing change to the bike. I was cruising a good 15mph faster than usual waiting for the head banging turbulence to start. It stops the draft coming up your helmet and all the random wind around the torso. BMW should be required to provide this shield as factory equipment for the GS. My GS is much more enjoyable to ride now, so much that I'll probably sell my other bike. Viewed that way, I figure I come out $3600 ahead on the deal!
Thanks again, I'm very pleased.

Dear Christine:
I want to thank you for the extraordinary customer service. I only have 50 miles behind the screen, but so far I like it a lot. I also want to thank you for introducing me to Page. He was awesome and helped me install the shield. This is what riding motorcycles is all about: meeting great new guys all fall into that category.
I will write Paige separately, but thank him again for me in the meantime.

I have several hundred miles on my Adventure with Aeroflow/tall windshield. What I thought was the perfect motorcycle is now even better. The difference is amazing. Now that I know how well the Aeroflow performs, I would not ride without your equipment.
Mike Leach
Bend, Oregon

Hello to all,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note and say "WELL DONE". Received my new R1150GS Half Fairing and installed on my Adventurer in about an hour and a half with no problems. All the pieces were included, what a nice surprise. Had a chance to take the bike for a quick trip, major improvement. No more helmet buffeting and way more protection. I am more than happy with the product and wanted to relay my thanks to all of you.
Randy Beebe
Edmonton, Alberta

Just installed my new screen on my 1150GS. I was concerned about my ability to do the job, but it went without a hitch. I did have to buy the torx bits, but I had the other tools in my BMW case or in my home stuff. I just got back from the first ride and the screen really improved the air flow. Much less wind noise inside the helmet and the air hitting my body has been moved out off my chest and upper arms.
Thanks for making such a super product.
Alex Becker

I thought you might like these pics of your screen with the clear/smoke combo on a black GS. I think it looks great and I get a lot of compliments. Adding the AeroFlow is the single best thing I've done to this bike! [Pictures]
Gary Hansen

I work for a large US government agency where I am the President of their Motorcycle club, I am also President of the local BMW club and work for Bob's BMW in my free time or at rallies. My point is I get asked a lot why I have an Aeroflow on my 2000 R1150GS. I must guess I have had it for three years. I tell them I did some research and yours seem to be what I wanted and needed. I also add, to please check the FOR SALE: ads, an see now many Aeroflow's are listed. A few people have gotten back to me that they have ordered an Aeroflow based on my liking it and that when they check the FOR SALE ads a few other brands are listed some more than once and NO Aeroflow. My conclusion: If users aren't reselling them they must be using them, because they work, just like your ads
Ronald Maseda
Hanover, PA
President BMW
Dutch Country Riders
BMWMOA # 56 / BMWRA # 92

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