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R1200RTW and K1600GT AeroScreens, AeroWings & Long Distance Riding.
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Two K1600GT riders from the So Cal area, Jim and Geoff, came to our shop in March to test ride our GT & GTL-Hybrid Aeroscreens and AeroWings in anticipation of their upcoming 50cc ride. They're solo riding for their IBA ride then having their wives fly to Jacksonville to accompany them back to California on a more leisurely, 10 day ride. Geoff is a slighty under 6'-0" Tall and Jim's about 6'-1" Tall.

We started by attaching AeroWing mounting Dual-Lok to their bikes, but not attaching the 'Wings at that time. I then described how to evaluate the airflow coming off the screens to determine where the air was hitting their helmet and bodies.  To have them get a better idea of the improvement our screens and deflectors make, their first/base-line ride was with the stock BMW screen. Their next test ride was with our Medium GT AeroScreens, followed by a test of the GT Tall screens. 

After deciding which screen worked best for themselves, Geoff with the Medium height and Jim with a Tall, we attached AeroWings to their bikes and they rode the test route again. They were amazed at how much more protection they got with the AeroWings on their bikes.

Flash forward to Saturday, April 15th. Geoff and Jim, after collecting a sample of sand and Pacific Ocean water, (a 50cc tradition) left San Diego at 4:00 a.m. 

After riding 2360 miles they arrived in Jacksonville 42 hours later and collected their sample of the Atlantic's sand and water. They're now on their leisurely ride back to California.


The next Long Distance rider we'll be reporting on is 6'-7" tall, Rich, from the U.P. of Michigan. He'll be doing a 50cc ride on his '16 BMW RTW, equipped with our X-Tall RTW AeroScreen and AeroWings, starting from Jacksonville on the 2nd of May and will arrive in San Diego the next day. Then, on the 4th, he'll be driving up to our shop in Anaheim to give us a first hand report on how our AeroScreen and AeroWings performed on his trip from Michigan.  

Some background on Rich and his relationship with AeroFlow:   In January of this year Rich ordered a Tall RTW AeroScreen and AeroWings. When I found out how tall he is I called and told him I'd been contemplating adding an X-Tall AeroScreen to our line-up and, considering his height, I asked if he'd be interested in doing comparison testing between our Tall and an X-Tall screen. He accepted my offer and we sent him our 1st production cut screen which we'd used to verify fit on the bike.

Unfortunately, living in Northern Michigan, Rich wasn't able to do any test riding 'til early this month. However he was able to mount both screens and reported back how much he had to lift each screen to get the top edge at nose-level. Nose-level is where the AeroScreens provide over-the-helmet airflow. Based on that info. I decided to put the X-Tall screen into production.  At the beginning of April he was finally able to do the comparison rides, with the AeroWings attached, and confirmed that the X-Tall screen was the best choice for his height.

Since then he's put a thousand miles on the bike and, just recently, reported that he'd just completed a 200 mile ride in 40 degree temps. and noted that he liked the AeroWings 'cause they helped keep him warm while on the ride.

I just love it when I hear how well our products work for riders. I'll keep posting progress of both Geoff and Jim's return trip to California and Rich's upcoming ride.


First the Good News:
Well, if you've been following our AeroFlow equipped K1600GT's you already know that Geoff and Jim completed their 50cc, San Diego to Jacksonville ride, in 43 hrs. and 42 minutes and put 2360 miles on their bikes doing it. You'll be glad to know that Both Geoff and Jim, from So Cal, safely returned home from Florida on a leisurely, 10 day trip home. I understand that physically they're back to work but still feeling good about the trip.

Now, the Bad News:
Our 2nd IBA 50cc rider, Rich, from Michigan's Upper Penninsula, took off at 6:30 a.m., in sub-freezing temp's on Saturday the 29th and put roughly 1400 miles on his new BMW R1200RT getting to Jacksonville, FL. He took off from Jacksonville at 4:44 a.m., May 2nd and made it to Ponce de Leon, FL, approx 270 miles and 3-1/2 hours later when the clutch went out on the bike, with just 2900 miles on the odometer of his new R1200RTW. Major disappointment!
By 3:00 p.m. that day Rich had the bike at the BMW dealership in Panama City, Florida, about an hour away from the breakdown. Unfortunately the multi-bike dealership, BMW being one of the 7 makes sold there, couldn't look at the bike 'til later this week.

I just spoke with Rich  and he said the bike was in the back of a rental truck and he'd just crossed into Tennessee.  He anticipates having the bike at his local BMW Dealership in De Pere, WI, sometime soon.

Though Rich won't be doing his 50cc ride this year, he does have 3 other Iron Butt Association rides scheduled for this year, one of them being the "Great Lake's 100", a 2450 mile ride around the 5 Great Lakes in under 100 hours.

Six-foot-seven Rich said that while he's only ridden his new RTW about 1900 miles with our X-Tall AeroScreen and AeroWings the AeroCombination kept him comfortable in the cold and easily directed air over his helmet without having to look through the screen.  Yet, while riding in Florida's hotter temp's, he said the screen could be lowered enough that cooling air went through his helmet's vents. Quite a contrast from the lows in the 30's and high's in the 50 & low 60's when he gets home.
Our "Thanks" go out to Geoff, Jim, and Rich for letting us follow their IBA long distance rides. Ride Hard, Ride Long, Ride in AeroFlow Comfort!


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