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Kawasaki Concours-14 AeroScreen

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The AeroFlow Solution
The AeroScreen is taller and wider than the stock screen.  Designed to allow the driver to see over the screen while providing optimum protection for both driver and passenger.

AeroScreen Design
Our observations from testing the stock and other screens showed that the screen's lifting mechanism tucks the screen in, at the bottom, and cuts off airflow under it which increases low pressure behind the screen. As the screen is raised it also pushes forward at the top and further away from the rider making it harder to see over. As the screen becomes more vertical it also stalls airflow at the top creating turbulence that tumbles into the low pressure behind it.

Our goal, then, was to design a screen that provides clean, over the helmet airflow while allowing the driver to see over it. To achieve our goal required that we change the screen's shape, contours, and the angle at which it sits to improve aerodynamics and overcome problems created by the bike's lifting mechanism.

Why and How the AeroScreen Works:
The AeroScreens are more contoured than stock, raised at the front and pushed back at the top, making them more aerodynamic and closer to the driver. By raising the front of the AeroScreen higher than stock or other screens we've created an air-intake which allows more airflow under the screen as it's raised, and relieves back-pressure as the screen is lifted.

Pushing the screen back at the top changes the screen angle so airflow under the screen flows off the stock dash and attaches to the back of the screen, which is very important. That airflow sticks to the backside and follows the screen's contours to the flare at the top where it merges with airflow from the front. The combined airflows smooth air leaving the screen and follow the shape up and over the driver's helmet. Like air flowing over an airplane wing the combined airflows smooth air leaving the screen, a gentle flare at the top shoots the air up/over the helmet and provides drivers a smooth comfortable ride.

AeroScreen Dimensions:

AeroScreen vs. Stock Measurements

Screen Measurements

Stock Screen AeroFlow Screen
Height above top mounting holes 13" 13 5/8"
Width at widest point 19 3/4" 21 11/16"
Width 3" below top edge at center of screen 16 7/8" 18 1/4"

Screen Height and Width Comparison:
1.Height above top mounting holes is more relevant than overall length of screen because hole locations, with relation to overall length, vary from screen to screen. ie: Screens of same length may have more/less distance between the top hole center-line and top of screen. See Screen comparison drawing for further clarification.
2. All screen height measurements were made from intersection of top mounting hole center-line and center-line of screen.
3. Hole centers, at center of each screen, were determined by marking a straight line from hole center to hole center and marking where it crossed center-line of screen.

Height Recommendations:
Standard for drivers to 5'-5"

Pricing and Availability: AeroScreens are in stock and ready to ship.

Kawasaki Concours-14 AeroScreen



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