AeroFlow, Corp.

AeroFlow, Corp.

KTM 990 & 950 Adv.


KTM 990 & 950 Adv. AeroScreen

Just large enough to offer excellent helmet, neck and torso protection for on-road riding, yet small enough to leave on the bike for off-roading.  Mounts on top of the KTM stock screen for easy installation.

NOTICE: 6/17/2020 KTM 990/950 AeroScreens are not available at this time.  E-mail to be added to the update list.

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KTM 990 & 950 Adv. AeroGards

AeroGards expand the envelope of protection to provide more lower torso protection and calm the air between screen and driver.  Attach with  3-M Dual-Lok making it possible to remove and reattach them easily.



Available in Clear only.

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KTM 990/950 Adv. MadStad Bracket Screen

AeroFlow has teamed up with MadStad Engineering to produce a versatile airflow solution for KTM riders that combines the adjustability of MadStad's RoboBrackets with the effectivness of an AeroFlow designed screen. *Requires MadStad Engineering Robo-Bracket.

Available in Standard height, Clear Only. 

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KTM 990/950 Side Deflectors

AeroFlow Side Deflectors are designed for use with our AeroFlow 990/950 Adventure Screen that mounts to the MadStad RoboBracket or with the KTM stock screen. 

Side Deflectors increase torso and helmet protection, while attaching more airflow to the back of the screen, diverting air around the driver.

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KTM 990 & 950 Adv HeadLight Cover 

Protect your expensive headlight assembly with an
AeroFlow HeadLight Cover.

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