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 KTM 990/950 Adventure Screen with MadStad Brackets

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Customer Testimonials:
Mark H: I am very happy with the MadStad / AeroFlow setup on my 2008 KTM 990 Adventure. I’m 5’11” with a 33” inseam, using a Bill Mayer custom saddle, and this MadStad / AeroFlow setup makes long-distance riding pleasant instead of being a real chore, as it is with the stock KTM shield.

Yesterday I rode 500 miles from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe, CA in windy, cold conditions and the windshield / backing plate & brackets / deflector setup made all the difference. I had no helmet buffeting, sat in a calm air pocket and could see over the screen by about 1.5”. I only felt the wind during hard blasts from the mountains on the side of the bike, and no windscreen will knock those winds down. And I agree with Mark Marshburn that the side deflectors are key parts of the package - - the air flowing up from the sides of the fairing must be redirected away from the rider to obtain the calm air pocket.

Here’s a quick comparison of the stock KTM and MadStad / AeroFlow products. I couldn’t have done that ride yesterday with a stock KTM windscreen and still been able to speak or see clearly afterwards from all the helmet buffeting. The stock setup left me almost stunned from the beating my helmet took during all-day rides. Yet after 500 miles in tough conditions behind the MadStad / AeroFlow setup, I enjoyed a dinner with friends and read through the evening after that. The difference between the stock and aftermarket setups is the difference between being a functioning human being after a long ride - - or being dead tired and completely beaten down by the wind.

Before going with the MadStad / AeroFlow setup I tried the KTM touring shield, the ‘Super Ricardo’ setup and a number of other farkles to achieve a workable windshield setup - - without measurable success. This combination of the MadStad brackets and base with the AeroFlow screen and side deflectors - along with some time spent adjusting the setup for my height - makes the KTM 990 Adventure a pleasant ride at 75 – 80 mph for as long as I care to sit in the saddle.

Mark M: For reference I'm 6'4" with a 34" inseam. We as 950/990 owners don't have a lot of choices for what I call a "long haul" wind screen. The new screen from Madstad and Aero Flow is the closest thing that fits that description that I know of. I don't know about you but when I ride long distances I'm mostly concerned with helmet buffering. This screen all but eliminates that problem.

I don’t get any helmet buffering or vibration, my eyes are steady at all times. I can and do ride with my face shield up from time to time (XD3 helmet) without any problems. The shield is totally adjustable so you can get it just right in order to see over it and still have good coverage. I've tested this screen with and without the side deflectors and in my opinion it works much better with them. It keeps pocket or envelope larger.


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