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 KTM 990/950 Adv. AeroScreen

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Dual-Purpose AeroScreen Design
We know you'll appreciate the major improvement in riding comfort and protection, whether it's a cross-country trip in any kind of weather or just a day ride to your favorite off-road riding destination. Once you get there, you can leave the screen on or with the removal of 4-screws, take it off and ride with just the stock screen.


Our screen design relies upon airflow traveling up both sides of the screen. To achieve this airflow our screen incorporates a large air intake at the front and mounts on top of the KTM stock screen. The stock screen directs the air from the intake to the backside of our Adv. AeroScreen. Airflows from both front and back combine at the top of the screen while the gentle flare kicks the airflow up and over the helmet. The result, smooth air, less turbulence, buffeting and wind noise.

We think the Adv. AeroScreens offer the best protection possible for their size and with the ease of mounting make them the best all around screens available for the KTM 990/950 Adventure Riders.


KTM 990/950 Adv. AeroScreen Measurements:



"A" Length at Center:13"14 1/2"16"
"B" Heights above Stock Screen:4 1/16"6 1/8"7 3/4"
Custom Heights available: $40 upcharge.  Please call us for details 888-237-6777


How to select the correct height KTM 950/990 Adv. AeroScreen for your bike:
1. Choose the tallest screen height that allows you to comfortably look over and see the road where you need to see it. Closer distances for slow speeds and farther out for higher/highway speeds.
2. If you intend to use our screen for Touring or travelling some distance before you get to your off-road destination a taller screen will work better than what would work best for off-road riding.
3. For serious, "technical" off roading we recommend you take the screen off before riding.
This will not only allow you to see what you want without looking through a dirty windscreen, but it'll also keep the AeroScreen from being broken if you accidentally "toss" the bike.
4. Even for mild off-roading or unmaintained fire-road riding where you may be able to ride seated, any screen that got you to that destination in comfort will keep you from seeing the road in front of you more than several car-lengths. In this case, to ride safely, you'll need to either stand on the pegs or remove the screen if riding any distance.

Choosing the Correct Height AeroScreen:
1. Armed with a ruler or yardstick, sit on your bike (off the centerstand) to load the suspension then put the ruler at top of your stock screen and measure vertically to see where the top edge of our screen will be (dimension "B" in the illustration).
2. Choose the tallest screen you can see over easily for the type of riding you want protection for.

Pricing and Availability: In stock, ready to ship.

KTM 990/950 Adv. Aeroscreen



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