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 KTM 990/950 AeroGards

AeroFlow KTM 990/950 AeroGards
AeroGards expand the envelope of protection to provide more lower torso protection and calm the air between screen and driver. They easily attach to the bike's bodywork with 3-M Dual-Lok making it possible to remove and reattach them in just seconds. Available in Clear only. All our testers agreed that AeroGards made a significant improvement in wind-protection, regardless of the screen height tested.

Rider Report:
I have been riding with the OEM screen and the Aeroguards installed for a few hundred miles now. From this perspective I have found this to be a combination that makes for a remarkably pleasant ride. Not as quiet as behind the Aeroflow, but the Aeroguards do seem to prevent the buffetting the OEM screen generated by itself. I'm getting bugs on the faceshield and the helmet is definitely in the wind now. Side gusts can push my head around more than with the Aeroflow, but, for those looking for the clean look of the OEM styling the Aeroguards are the hot setup.

KTM 990/950 AeroGards

*$119.95 discounted AeroGard cost only valid with current or validated previous purchase direct from AeroFlow Corp.  Please contact us if you are unsure if you qualify for this discount.