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 KTM 990/950 Adventure Screen on MadStad Brackets

Note: The KTM 990/950 Screen, Side Deflectors and testimonials on the Madstad website are of AeroFlow products mounted on the Madstad bracket system. The AeroFlow KTM 990/950 Adv. AeroScreen and Side Deflectors, are sold only by AeroFlow.  The Bracket System is sold only by Madstad.  Please contact Madstad to verify availability of their KTM 990/950 Adv. Bracket System separately, without their screen.

Adventure Screen Design
We teamed up with MadStad Engineering to produce a versatile airflow solution for KTM riders that combines the adjustability of MadStad's RoboBrackets with an AeroFlow screen and optional Side-Deflectors designed to provide the ultimate coverage and protection. So whether you're 5'-6" or 6'-6" tall, riding cross-country or off-road, you've got the adjustability and screen to tailor protection to your needs.

The Standard Height screen suits riders up to 5'-10" tall.  Tall height AeroScreen has been discontinued. The screen's compound curves and slight flare at the top are designed to provide over-helmet-protection while looking over them and also protect the upper torso. Perfect for off-road riding.

The MadStad RoboBrackets mount to an aluminum backing-plate, that replaces the stock windscreen and acts as a Laminar-Flow-Plate which attaches airflow to the back of the AeroScreen creating smooth airflow off it. The infinitely adjustable RoboBrackets allow riders to raise the AeroScreen for street riding and lower it for off-road riding.


You can buy a screen directly from MadStad but it is not an AeroFlow AeroScreen. There are differences in the performance of our AeroScreen and the screens that MadStad sells.

The AeroFlow AeroScreen is designed to improve driver protection, the other screen is not. Our AeroScreen is comprised of all compound curves and flared at the top to direct air over the helmet while being able to see over the screen... all at lower, less vertical screen angles than the simple curves of the MadStad Screen."

When adjusted properly the MadStad mounting base and brackets for the KTM allow screens to benefit from airflow off both sides of the screen, as we've been doing with our screen and fairing designs for the past 21 years.

Airflow off both sides of a properly designed screen will smooth air leaving the screen when the airflows merge at top and a properly designed flare at top kicks the air higher.

Though a screen with simple curves, mounted to properly adjusted MadStad brackets may improve airflow for a driver, the AeroFlow screen will not only create a better envelope of protection but it'll do it at lower, more aerodynamic screen settings.


Height Recommendations

Standard Height AeroScreen, for drivers up to 5'10".

Tall Height AeroScreen: Discontinued.

Customer Testimonials
Mark H: I am very happy with the MadStad / AeroFlow setup on my 2008 KTM 990 Adventure. I'm 5'11" with a 33" inseam, using a Bill Mayer custom saddle, and this MadStad / AeroFlow setup makes long-distance riding pleasant instead of being a real chore, as it is with the stock KTM shield. [More

Pricing and Availability: In stock, ready to ship.

KTM 990/950 Adventure/MadStad Screen