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K1600GT AeroScreen on GTL

Just received my screen, and wanted to congratulate you on making such a fine product. It is remarkable the difference between your screen and the OEM! No more buffeting and I can even hear my factory stereo at 90+mph! Fantastic job!
Thanks again! Jacob L.

K1600GT AeroScreen Design Objectives:
Create look-over-screen-with-air-over helmet-protection for solo and 2-up riders while running the AeroScreen at lower, more aerodynamic settings than BMW stock or other screens. 

GT AeroScreen on GTL Solution:
To achieve our design objectives we've created a more aerodynamically efficient shape by smoothing out the surface contours and perimeter shape. This allows smooth, clean air to flow off the screen while directing it out and away from driver and passenger.


For more aerodynamic efficiency we've lowered the AeroScreen's operating angle by pushing the top/center of the screen down and back/closer to the driver.  A gentle flare at the top directs smooth airflow up and over the driver and passenger's helmets while the driver looks over the screen.


Compared to the wider Hybrid AeroScreen, the GT's tapered top will provide a smooth, cooling air to your shoulders and side of helmet.



General Screen Height Recommendations

Standard height: Drivers up to 5'-9"

Medium height: 5'-9" drivers with long torso or taller seats to 6'-1"

Tall height: Drivers 6'-1" to 6'-3"

Extra Tall: Drivers 6'-4" & taller


Screen Dimensions Comparison: AeroFlow GT vs. BMW GTL ScreenGT AeroScreen vs stock gtl

Factors Involved in Choosing Correct Screen Height:
1. 4-AeroScreens to choose from.
2. Screens must be lifted approx. 1" to relieve low pressure behind screen.
3. Safety Consideration; With bike off centerstand and screen Full-Down, you should be able to look over it and see the pavement 2-3 car lengths in front of you.


Take into consideration that these screens are designed to provide Over-Helmet-Airflow while the top edge is at nose to lip level.  Pick the Tallest screen you can easily see over when it's lifted about an inch from full-down. 

Use the above measurements to determine where the top edge of the Hybrid screen will be relative to your line of sight. Measurements should be taken with the bike off the centerstand, on a level surface.

Start with the screen in the full-down position.  Raise your stock screen 1 1/2"" to 2". Measure the heights vertically from the top, center of the stock screen.

You'll want to pick the screen that is level with your upper lip / tip of your nose.  The taller the screen is, the less you have to raise it to get the air up and over your helmet. The higher you lift the screen, the bigger the gap gets between the bottom edges of the screen and the dash. The bigger that opening gets, the more air sweeps around the sides and hits your torso, arms, shoulders, etc.  A taller screen at a lower height will work better than a shorter screen raised higher.