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Customer Testimonials:
Here's a snippet of what can be found on the K1600 Forum and BMWLT....

"Aeroflow is an industry leader in these things"
"It really did the job"
"They have brought back the peaceful environment that I once enjoyed on the LT"
"The AeroWings really do help correct a nagging flaw in the K16's aerodynamics"
"I won't run without them attached"
"They do block wind from the shoulders and forearms"
"I do like them and would recommend them"
"They are a worthy addition"
"They made me a believer"
"Took me back to how I felt on my LT"
"Arms sholders and hands are much happier"
"Very high quality looking pieces"
"It cleaned the air on my hands and fingers"
"Fit in finish on them is very nice"
"Installation was a snap and their customer service is very nice and helpful"
"I noticed a drastic difference immediately"
"Mine really make a significant improvement difference"
"Huge difference! Wind on the hands and arms goes away completely"
"Nice dead air zone from above the backs of the hands, a couple of inches outboard of the handlebars, down to the knees"
"Works as expected"
"Shield and wings look great"
"Big improvement over stock for me, I'm keeping them"
"Nice pocket for me, wings make it bigger than with just shield"
"Wife thought it was better"
"I am so much happier with them on"
"It's better than stock for me, less buffeting"
"They are great"
"The wings really help my hands stay warm"
"Love the look of them"
"The Aerowings came in & only took about 15 minutes to install"
"They look great & follow the body lines perfectly"




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