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AeroFlow K1600GT/GTL AeroWings: Fits all 2011-2016 GT & GTL models.


[K1600GT/GTL Product Listing]

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AeroFlow Design:
AeroWings are designed to expand the GTL and GT driver's envelope of protection by directing airflow away from the torso, chest, shoulders and arms. They also improve passenger protection by reducing airflow felt at the sides. We feel AeroWings are a must for riding in cold, rainy conditions but the improved protection will be appreciated by anyone doing more than just city driving.

AeroWings sit above the bike's stock, adjustable air-intakes and direct airflow away from the driver. Maximum protection is felt when running with the stock, adjustable, vents in the Closed-Position. With stock intakes in the Open-Position they reduce airflow to the driver by about 60%.

Though designed to work best with our GT/GTL AeroScreens, extensive AeroWing testing with stock and other screens showed a noticeable improvement in protection as well.

AeroWings are available in Clear (paintable) or Smoke.  Receive a $25 discount when purchased with the K1600GT or K1600GTL AeroScreen direct from AeroFlow, Corp.

Easy To Remove:
AeroWings attach to the bike with 3-M Dual-Lok which provides very positive engagement yet allow easy removal and re-attachment.  For driver's wanting more airflow to the body in extreme heat AeroWings are easily removed and stored in the bike's bags or trunk. 

Complete The Coverage:
Commplete the coverage with our MiniWings.  MiniWings provide protection for top of the hands and forewarms.

Customer Testimonials:
Here's a snippet of what can be found on the K1600 Forum and BMWLT....
"Mine really make a significant improvement difference"
"Huge difference! Wind on the hands and arms goes away completely"
"Nice dead air zone from above the backs of the hands, a couple of inches outboard of the handlebars, down to the knees"
[More Testimonials]


Pricing and Availability: In stock, ready to ship.

K1600GT/GTL AeroWings: '11-'16 K1600GT & GTL Only
*Current or validated previous purchase direct from AeroFlow Corp.
Black Dual-Lok adhesive available for an addtional $15 upcharge.  Please contact us for details.

AeroFlow K1600GT/GTL MiniWings:
Fits all 2011-2016 GT & GTL models.

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AeroFlow Solution:
MiniWings expand the envelope of protection created by AeroWings. They attach to the fairing with Dual-Lock, above the AeroWings and behind the mirrors. The molded air-intake reduces low pressure and ensures smooth air flow. Passengers will notice a  reduction of air at their shoulders and upper arm.

One of our testers, Bob, reported that even when temp's were down in the teens he could feel the heat from his hand grips and his forearms were also much warmer.  If you ride in cooler to cold weather or in the rain you'll definitely appreciate how well the MiniWings work.

MiniWings will provide the best protection when used in conjunction with the AeroWings.  When tested solo, they still blocked air to the top of hands and forearms, but more air than usual will come around the sides where the stock deflectors.  Good in warm weather when you want that cooling air.

Available in Clear (paintable) or Smoke. Note; If the Clear MiniWings aren't painted, the adhesive backing of the Dual-Lok will show.  If you plan on painting the Clear MiniWings, please let us know before shipping so that we do not pre-attach the Dual-Lok. You'll be  responsible for attaching Dual-Lok to the MiniWings after the paint has thoroughly cured.

$10 discount when purchased with, or for previous purchases of K1600GT/GTL AeroWings direct from AeroFlow, Corp.   

Customer Testimonials:
An excellent write up has been provided by mneblett, active member of the K1600 Forum. Summary: Coupled with the AeroWings, the protection is nothing short of amazing for their small size. For the first time on a K16, I've experienced a K12LT-level still air pocket.
Read the full review at the Forum.


Pricing and Availability: In stock, ready to ship.

K1600GT/GTL MiniWings: '11-'16 K1600GT & GTL Only

*Current or validated previous purchase direct from AeroFlow Corp.
Black Dual-Lok adhesive available for an addtional $10 upcharge.  Please contact us for details.

K1600GT, K1600GTL & K1600B HeadLight Cover: Click on any photo to enlarge


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The K1600GT, K1600GTL & K1600B stock headlight assembly costs a whopping $2350.00, which doesn't include the price of internal parts, bulbs or labor!

Our HeadLight Covers are designed to absorb as much impact energy as possible protecting the expensive headlight from stones and road debris that would normally break or crack your headlight.

The HLC wraps around the bottom of the stock headlight to protect the exposed, and vulnerable to breakage, section of headlight not protected by other headlight covers. Considering replacement costs, we feel that anything done to prevent headlight damage is worthy of consideration and falls in the category of "Cheap Insurance".

All HLC's are made from "Impact-Modified" Implex Acrylic which is 8 times stronger/absorbs 8 times more impact energy than other available lens covers. Our covers attach with 3-MŽ Dual-Lock (T.M.) which space it 5/32" away from the headlight which allows the HLC to compress/absorb energy before it can be transmitted to and damage the headlight. The HLC's compound curves also add strength, resist compression, and absorb/dissipate impact energy. The HLC also prevents the headlight from becoming pitted and scratched by sand and other debris. Dual-Lok mounting pieces come standard Clear to Clear or Black to Clear by special request.


Pricing and Availability: In stock, ships within 24 hours.  

K1600GT, GTL & Bagger HeadLight Cover: '11-'18 Bagger, GT and GTL

Please note: Please note that K1600GT/GTL HeadLight Covers (HLC) must ship separately from K1600GT/L, K1600GT/GTL & K1600GTL AeroScreens. The shipping charge estimate  shown on your online order reflects only the AeroScreen box. We will contact you to advise additional shipping cost for the HLC. We apologize for this inconvenience.


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