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AeroFlow K1600GT AeroScreen: For use on K1600GTL

[K1600GT/GTL Product Listing]

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Factors that make the GT AeroScreens work for GTL drivers:
It all has to do with the bike and driver's ergonomics. Height, weight, and inseam are the human factors, and seat height is the "bike" factor.

Height and inseam are important because it tells us how much of a person's torso sits above the seat. Weight comes into consideration when you've got two people with the same height and inseam but one of them weighs 100# more than the other. The heavier driver will most often sit taller than the lighter driver. Then, start adding taller seats to the equation and driver ergonomics change things even more.

Many GTL drivers now have the Tall BMW GTL seat, have had their GTL seats modified and made taller, or have converted their seats to the taller, 2-height adjustable GT Seats. The result is that taller GTL drivers with taller seats have now changed their driving position to more closely resemble the more leaned over position of GT drivers which also put's the driver's helmet closer to the windscreen.


All of the factors which cause GTL driver ergonomics to lean over more, make the GT AeroScreen more suitable for some GTL solo and 2-up drivers. GTL drivers using the GT screen report they are getting the same look-over-screen/air-over helmet protection as GT owners and their passengers are getting much better protection, as well.  More than one passenger remarked that it transformed the bike from unrideable to completely comfortable.


General Screen Height Recommendations and Dimensions:
The Medium height GT AeroScreen has, thus far, provided better protection for GTL drivers between 6'-0" and 6'-3" tall, and a few 5'-10" drivers with longer torsos and tall seats.


GT AeroScreen vs. Stock GTL Windscreen:

You'll want to be able to lift the screen 1" to relieve low pressure behind it, and still have it at, or below, eye level when cruising at 65+ mph. Also, with the screen full down, you want to be able to see the pavement a few car lengths in front of you for driving at slower speeds in a parking lot or about town.

GT AeroScreen vs stock gtl

GT AeroScreen on GTL:
Standard height: Drivers up to 5'-10
Medium height: 5'10" drivers with long torso or taller seats to 6'-3"
Tall height: Drivers 6'-4" & taller



Customer Testimonials:
I just wanted to drop a line on the GT Standard windscreen that I've mounted on my GTL.
Per our discussion when I ordered it, I told you I'd gladly give you some feedback. While I have only had it for a week and ridden about 250 one up and 200 two up miles, it is perfect for me. I was a little skeptical because it is considerably lower than any of the screens I had tried previously. I knew the screen was going to work for me in the first ten miles, but was waiting to see how it affected my 5'3" pillion. She had considerable buffeting on all of the previous screens. After our ride yesterday with some interstate and additional turbulence by trucks etc. she confirmed that almost any buffeting was gone. I only need to raise the screen about 1 1/2'' to smooth out any wind I get with my visor flipped open and this position is also great for her and I still see well over the top of the screen!!
So for whatever the reason is, GTL with low seat, driver and passenger height, weight... this one changed the air flow 100% for the better!
Fred K.


Just received my screen, and wanted to congratulate you on making such a fine product. It is remarkable the difference between your screen and the OEM! No more buffeting and I can even hear my factory stereo at 90+mph! Fantastic job!
Thanks again!
Jacob L.

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