AeroFlow, Corp.

AeroFlow, Corp.

K1600GT '17-Current


K1600 Hybrid AeroScreen

Wide, flared at top for maximum 2-up protection.

Designed to offer GT and GTL drivers and passengers more helmet and shoulder protection when compared to the GT AeroScreen.

By combining our GTL's wider perimeter shape with the flared top of our GT screens, we've come up with a solution that creates a larger envelope of rider protection, yet allows drivers to look over the screen with over helmet airflow.

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K1600GT AeroScreen

Sportier look, tapered sides, flared at top.

Provides over-the-helmet airflow and good 2-up protection while looking over screen. We've pushed the top edge of the screen down and back, cleaned up curves and contours, and changed the shape to one that's wider at the bottom then tapers to a smooth rounded shape at top.

Once we added a slight flare at the top we had a screen that provides our signature over-the-helmet coverage while looking over the screen. 

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K1600GTL AeroScreen

Unflared, aerodynamic shape.  Preferred by GTL drivers who want to look through the screen.

We've pushed the top edge down and back, smoothed contours and eliminated the stock screen's bubble in the middle making it closer and easier for drivers to see over.
Screen relieves back pressure and turbulence, while offering much better protection at lower screen setting.

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K1600GT AeroWings

AeroWings mount to the bike above the bike's stock, adjustable air-intakes. They allow full adjustability of the stock intakes, providing air to the driver when open, but when intakes are closed AeroWings direct airflow away from hands, arms, shoulders and provide more side protection for the passenger.

Blending perfectly with the bike's sleek, aerodynamic lines, the AeroWings deliver comfort with style.  Improved comfort with any screen!

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K1600GT MiniWings

Designed to work in conjunction with our  AeroWings, MiniWings improve driver and passenger protection regardless of which windscreen you're using.

MiniWings expand the envelope of protection created by AeroWings. Provide protection from cold and wet weather for the top of hands and forearms. Available in Clear or Smoke.

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K1600 HeadLight Cover

Protect your $2000+ headlight assembly with an AeroFlow HeadLight Cover

Our HLC wraps around the bottom of the stock headlight to protect the exposed, and vulnerable to breakage, section of headlight not protected by other headlight covers.

Don't get left in the dark - get your HLC today!

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