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K1600GA AeroScreen

AeroFlow K1600GA AeroScreen:

Clear or Smoke?

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K1600GA AeroScreen:
Though the stock Grand America windscreen is taller than the Bagger AeroScreen it just proves that appearances can be deceiving.  It's not the additional length that makes a screen "work", it's how the screens are designed.

The AeroScreens smooth surface and perimeter contours make them more aerodynamic than stock while the gently flared top directs smooth, turbulence-free airflow over the driver's helmet when the screen is lifted to nose level.

Wider, at a lower point:
Our screens work best at lower screen height settings because they're 4-3/8" wider, lower on the screen than the Grand America screen. This allows the AeroScreen to be lifted to their optimum performance height (no more than 2" from full down) while blocking air that sweeps around and under the sides of the screens. The shape of the AeroScreens from their widest point at the sides to the bottom tip is designed to allow smooth airflow under the screen while it's lifted. This prevents low pressure and turbulence from occurring behind the screens as they are lifted to their optimum performance height.

Selecting the correct height:
Though all our Bagger AeroScreens provide driver protection when raised to nose level it's important that you choose a screen height that still blocks air from sweeping under the sides as it's lifted to it's full height. Example: A 6-foot tall rider would still get over-helmet-airflow with a Standard height Bagger screen when lifted nose level. However there would be a large gap between the sides of the screen and the dash which would allow air to hit the driver in the face and shoulders.

K1600B vs Stock Grand America

Overall Screen Height: Heights measured vertically from bottom/center of screen
BMW Stock: 22 1/4"
Standard: 15 5/8"
Medium: 17 1/4"
Tall: 18 3/4"
Extra Tall: 20 1/8"
Extra Extra Tall: 21 5/8"

The widest point of all AeroScreens measure 21 1/8", which is 9 7/8" from bottom of screen.  Widest point of stock screen is 20 1/2",which is 14 7/8" up from bottom of screen.

General Screen Height Recommendations:
The best way to determine the correct height is to take the measurements. Click here for instructions on how to make an AeroScreen Height Templates. Please be sure that when you print the .pdf height templates that you select "Actual Size" and not "Fit to Page".

Drivers with Tall Stock Seat:
Standard: Drivers to 5'4"
Medium: Drivers to 5'7"
Tall: Drivers to 5'10"
Extra Tall: Drivers to 6'1"
Extra Extra Tall: Drivers over 6'1"

Drivers with Low Stock Seat:
Standard: Drivers to 5'7"
Medium: Drivers to 5'10"
Tall: Drivers to 6'1"
Extra Tall: Drivers to 6'4"
Extra Extra Tall: Drivers over 6'4"

Factors Involved in Choosing Correct Screen Height:

  • The best way to determine the correct height is to take the measurements.  Click here for instructions on how to make an AeroScreen Height Templates. Please be sure that when you print the .pdf height templates that you select "Actual Size" and not "Fit to Page".

  • 4-AeroScreens to choose from. 

  • Driver's height, weight, inseam, seat and use of handle-bar risers all effect your AeroScreen height choice. ie. Drivers of the same height may require different screens.

  • Screens must be lifted at least 1" to relieve low pressure behind screen.

  • AeroScreens are designed to provide Over-Helmet-Airflow while the top edge is at upper lip to nose level, once raised no more than 2".

  • Safety Consideration; With bike off centerstand and screen Full-Down, you should be able to look over it and see the pavement a car length in front of you.

  • A big factor that we can't account for is the type of protection a person is used to and is comfortable with. Providing your passenger with better protection may also make the next taller screen height a better option as long as you can see the road easily when the screen is full down.

Installed your windscreen on a K1600B. It is perfect. There is no other word that can adequately describe it. Great protection and no buffeting. Thank you.
Daniel S.

After mounting your X-tall wind shield on my K1600B noticed an immediate improvement to my environment, no buffeting, no noise and much cleaner airflow. This after a 2500 mile trip into the Blue Ridge mountains. Thanks.
Jim B.

CRITICAL:​ K1600B Dark Smoke Screens should not be used when night driving or in other low light/visablity conditions, such as heavy rain or fog where you won't be able to see through the screen. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT ride at night with one of the Smoke screens unless you can see over the screen to the pavement at least 20 feet in front of you when the screen is in the full down position.