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K1600GA AeroWings

  • Available in Clear or Smoke
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K1600GA AeroWings:

Our new AeroWing design fits the re-designed fairings of the '17-On K1600 GT, GTL, Bagger, and Grand America. This new design eliminates the need for Mini-Wings.

The AeroWings flowing curves and arcs are designed to block and deflect airflow out and away from the driver and passenger, while their aerodynamically efficient shape creates no drag on the bike. 

AeroWings are designed to expand the envelope of protection for drivers and passengers by deflecting airflow out and away from the hands, arms, shoulders and sides of torso. Since they deflect airflow away from riders, they also enhance and calm windscreen airflow at the sides and top of helmet.

The AeroWing's design allows use of the bike's stock, adjustable air intakes and blend in so well they look like they're part of the bike. Maximum driver/passenger protection is achieved when the stock air-intakes are closed.  When opened, they provide cooling air to the drivers torso in hot weather.

Though designed to provide the best rider protection in conjunction with our AeroScreens, extensive testing with stock and other aftermarket screens showed a noticeable improvement in protection as well.

AeroWings are only available in a dark, smoke tint. Receive a discount with purchase of a K1600 AeroScreen direct from AeroFlow, Corp.  Please contact us if you are unsure if you qualify for this discount.

Keeper-Wires Secure AeroWings to Bike:
To keep AeroWings from being accidentally knocked off the bike while riding we've incorporated a hole in each front-mounting-tab for attaching the AeroWings to the bike. Loss can be prevented by attaching one end of a piece of fishing-line or, thin rubber-coated wire, to a screw under the bikes adjustable air-intakes and to the pre-drilled hole in the AeroWings.  Complete instructions are included with the AeroWing mounting kits.

Easy to Remove/Reattach:
AeroWings attach to the bike with mated 3-M Dual-Lok which provides a very strong mechanical connection, yet allows easy removal and re-attachment of the parts. One half of the Dual-Lok is pre-attached to the AeroWings at the factory and you attach the mating half to the bike. Detailed instructions with photographs and Dual-Lok Locating Templates and Spacers are provided to ensure easy installation.

Customer Testimonials:
I just wanted to drop you a line and say Thanks! The AeroWings I purchased for my 2018 BMW K1600B,did just as you advertised and then some. I couldn't be happier. Kudos all around!  Ralph I.


K1600GA HeadLight Cover

K1600GA HeadLight Cover
Available with Clear or Black Dual-Lok.

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K1600GA HeadLight Cover:

The K1600 stock headlight assembly costs a whopping $2350.00, which doesn't include the price of internal parts, bulbs or labor!

Our HeadLight Covers are designed to absorb as much impact energy as possible protecting the expensive headlight from stones and road debris that would normally break or crack your headlight.

The HLC wraps around the bottom of the stock headlight to protect the exposed, and vulnerable to breakage, section of headlight not protected by other headlight covers. Considering replacement costs, we feel that anything done to prevent headlight damage is worthy of consideration and falls in the category of "Cheap Insurance".

All HLC's are made from "Impact-Modified" Implex Acrylic which is 8 times stronger/absorbs 8 times more impact energy than other available lens covers.

Covers attach with 3-M® Dual-Lock (T.M.) which space it 5/32" away from the headlight which allows the HLC to compress/absorb energy before it can be transmitted to and damage the headlight. Compound curves also add strength, resist compression, and absorb/dissipate impact energy.

Dual-Lok mounting pieces come standard Clear to Clear or Black to Clear by special request.

Please Note: K1600 HeadLight Covers (HLC) must ship separately from K1600 AeroScreens to arrive safely. The shipping charge estimate shown on your online order reflects only the AeroScreen box. We will contact you to advise additional shipping cost for the HLC. We apologize for this inconvenience.