AeroFlow, Corp.

AeroFlow, Corp.

K100RS & K1100RS AeroFairing

Customer Testimonials:
Just to let you know, I found out about your products from the BMW listserv that I was on when I first got the bike. Of course, there are a lot of Americans on the list, and it is through them that I figured out AeroStitch, Russel Seats and AeroFlow products. What pushed me over the edge to buy the AeroFlow was when I read Ron Ayres' book and found out that many long-distance riders prefer your product.
I have an Aeroflow for my BMW 87K100RS. Absolutely love it and the ability to be a convertible in just a few seconds. Gives great wind protection and saves my ears from all the noise.
Gerald B.

I just got my new windshield, tonight, ups. I have already installed it and blasted thru about 50 miles up here in the cold mountains. I just want to tell you guys, its GREAT! it made a whole new bike out of that K. no more of that wind noise, and no more of your eye lids whipping up and down. I been riding Harleys, my whole life, I'm 55 now, and I just bought the BMW, about 2 months ago. I was ready to sell it, till I got that windshield. no more earplugs, no more glasses, no more full face helmets, I'm happy! Pictures

I bought an Aeroflow windscreen last year through High plains BMW in Lubbock Texas, for my 1985 K100RS. My riding experience has been thoroughly enriched. My bike is transformed. I will recommend your stuff to anybody who asks. Thanks for a great windshield
AL Gentry

Congratulations on an excellent product. It has simply transformed the usability of my K100RS. I now make light work of my 400 mile a week commuting habit in and out of London no matter what the weather, which I'm sure you know can be pretty challenging here in England. Looking forward to a summer blast across Europe this summer. Thanks again, take care.