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Honda ST1300 Touring and Sport AeroScreen

Sport AeroScreen

Touring AeroScreen

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The AeroFlow Solution
The AeroScreen is taller and wider than the stock screen.  Designed to allow the driver to see over the screen while providing optimum protection for both driver and passenger.

AeroScreen Design

The smooth airfoil shape on the AeroFlow AeroScreen allows air to flow smoothly over both sides of the screen, and when lifted to it's optimum operating height, balances the low-pressure behind the screen, eliminating back-pressure.  We opted for a smooth, aerodynamic foil shape for our screens because we believe better protection is not achieved with gimmicks, it's created by better design.  The "hot-ticket" for some aftermarket screen manufacturers and screen buyers is a NACA shaped cut-out on the screens.  These are supposedly going to relieve "back-pressure", we feel that this type of design does not work, especially on an adjustable height screen.  The NACA shaped cut-outs we've seen would actually disrupt airflow over the screen and, based upon our testing, increase back pressure.


In addition to the smooth airfoil shape, our screen design utilizes our Patent Pending "Laminar Flow Plate" design. The "Laminar Flow Plate" attaches to the dash, underneath the AeroScreen, with Dual-Lok. The AeroScreen is contoured to increase airflow on the backside of the screen, the "Laminar Flow Plate" helps control this airflow. As air from both sides of the screen merges off of the flared top and sides, it smoothes the air leaving the screen, increasing the envelope of protection for driver and passenger, providing smooth, over-the-helmet airflow for 2-up riding, while allowing the driver to look over the screen. No turbulence, no helmet buffeting and no back-pressure.     

The screen is also contoured so the top is at a shallower angle pushing it closer to the driver. Since the screen operates at shallower angles than stock or other aftermarket screens, some beta-testers reported a 2 to 3 MPG increase in gas mileage. These results have not been verified or professionally tested, and are repeated here only as beta-tester comments.

Fits Both Adjustable and Fixed ST1300's
We offer 2 versions of the Honda ST1300 AeroScreen to accommodate drivers of both the electrically adjustable ST's and the '03 fixed-screen models. Both versions use stock mounting brackets and locations. No holes to drill, nothing extra to purchase.


Wider Than Stock
The difference between the Sport and Touring is in the width.  The Sport screen allows some cooling air to your torso while the Touring screen offers a wider envelope of protection.

Inside measurement at top mounting hole, side to side.

Touring: 27 1/2"
Sport: 22"

This measurement is like a hard ruler across the backside of the windscreen when mounted.

Height Is Not As Important As Effectiveness
It's not how much taller than stock that's important, it's how well the design works.  The Standard Height AeroScreen is actually 1/4" shorter than the stock screen, BUT, due to it's aerodynamic design and efficiency, can be run 4" to 6" lower than the stock screen, and still get air over the driver's helmet!

Standard Height AeroScreen is 1/4" shorter than stock.

Medium Height AeroScreen is 1" taller than stock.
Tall Height AeroScreen is 2" taller than stock.
Extra Tall Height AeroScreen is 3" taller than stock.

AeroScreen Dimensions, Mounted on Adjustable ST1300
For electrically adjustable screen ST's, our screens are designed to perform best when mounted in the "low" windscreen mounting bracket position. The Dimensions shown are for screens mounted at the "low" position on the adjustable screen ST's.

Measurements are from the back of the small, triple-clamp cover directly behind the ignition key, and between the handle-bars (see photo).







X - Tall

Full Down

17 3/8"

18 1/8"



Optimum airflow occurs when AeroScreen is lifted 1" from full down position.


Solo Drivers to 5'7"

Drivers to 5'9"

Drivers to 6'1"

Drivers 6'2" & up

Screen Length
At center of screen





The best way to determine the correct height, is to measure the heights available and go with the tallest one you can easily/comfortably see over.

The first dimensions are for the screens in the "Full-Down Position", where the outer edges of the screen sit about 3/4" above the mirrors.

All of our screens are designed to operate at much lower settings than with stock or other aftermarket screens. You still have the full range of adjustability as the Stock screen. AeroScreens will continue to offer good airflow thru 80% of the vertical travel.
Screen height recommendations are based upon beta-tester results and customer use.  Suitability may vary by individual based upon driver height, weight, inseam, type of helmet worn and bike set up: bar-risers, after market seats (taller, shorter), additional seat cushions, and seat height setting used.


Customer Testimonials
I received my screen for the ST1300 Tuesday and installed it that evening. Detailed, easy to follow instructions and an immediate improvement in the bike. Much quieter air flow around my head. I also received a demo screen and still can’t find any scratch or flaw of any type. I knew I could trust an “old guy” from Cleveland to build a better windscreen! I would recommend this to anyone riding an ST1300. [More]
Jeff in Youngstown, Ohio


Pricing and Availability: Limited heights available. 

Honda ST1300 Sport AeroScreen:


Honda ST1300 Touring AeroScreen:



ST1300 HeadLight Cover

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Protect your expensive headlight assembly from rock and stone damage. The average cost to replace a broken headlight assembly is well over $200! 
We've always called it Cheap Insurance!!


Pricing and Availability: In stock, ships within 24 hours.

Honda ST1300 HeadLight Cover:



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