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 F800GS, F700GS & F650GS Touring AeroScreen '09-'12

[F650/800GS Product Listing]

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'09-12 F800GS and F650GS: Touring AeroScreen and Brackets attach to stock mounting locations.  Everything you need to mount the AeroScreen is included.

'13-on F800GS and F700GS: Our Touring screen will fit with some modifications and a BMW Bracket kit.  Click Here to download a .pdf showing how one customer made it work.

AeroScreen Design
Our Touring Screens are designed to provide maximum protection with smooth over-the-helmet airflow. They're contoured to provide clearance for handle-bars and hand-gards so we can make them wider than BMW, or other aftermarket screens (better body protection). The Screens also have an air-intake molded in to eliminate back-pressure and provide airflow behind the screen. Touring Screens also come complete with a Laminar-Flow-Plate, to attach airflow to the back of the screen, and rugged, powder-coated Support Brackets to hold the screen securely, reduce stress to the stock brackets, and prevent windscreen flutter and turbulence.

The combination of the screen's air-intake with the Laminar-Flow-Plate creates a smooth flow of air that travels much higher than screens without this design. Thus allowing the driver to look well over the top of the screen and have air over top of the helmet.
Laminar Flow Plate painted gray for photography, production Plates are Clear.


AeroScreen Dimensions and Height Recommendations:


Screen Height:

Dim. "A":

Dim. "B":

For Riders:


13 1/4"

6 1/8"

Up to 5'4"
Lowered bike & low seat


15 1/8"

7 1/8"

Up to 5'6"
With stock seat


16 5/8"

8 1/4"

5'7" to 5'10"
With stock seat



8 3/4"

5'10" to 6'1"
With stock seat

Extra Tall

19 3/8"

9 1/4"

6'2" to 6'3"

Extra Extra Tall


9 7/8"

6'3" and taller

Dimension "A" shows vertical height from top of black headlight molding.
Dimension "B" shows distance back from point of vertical measurement, towards driver. Measurements taken with bike on center stand.

Note: Customer height and inseam, plus seat heights effect suitability of screen to rider.  Please consider these factors when ordering.  Drivers with the Rally seat, we recommend you get the next taller screen.  Drivers with short seats, we recommend you drop down a screen height.  Caution for drivers running under-inflated off-road tires (knobbies):  Some testers reported a slight high speed wobble (80 mph+) when testing in strong cross-winds or riding freeways with rain groves.  Use caution when riding in these conditions.

Customer Testimonials:
I bought a system for my F800GS and installed it last week. The design is very well thought out. The finish and quality of all components and hardware is first rate. The instructions were clear enough to get me through the install successfully (I was intimidated at the get-go).  Then I went for a ride.
What I can tell you is that the system works as well as I could have hoped for. No noise, no buffeting, no flexing. I absolutely love it and I am a completely satisfied, repeat customer. You folks do excellent work and I am very appreciative of your products and also of the fact that they are designed and manufactured in America. Thanks for such a high quality product keeping the work here at home.
Matt Griffoul

Hi there, I just want to say how easy it was to install the shield. I'm a total mechanical klutz, and even a bozo like me could follow the excellent instructions and diagrams.
Also, the shield has significantly reduced the noise and buffeting I was experiencing with the BMW ""touring" shield, so all in all I'm a happy puppy right now.
Norman Levinrad


Pricing and Availability: In stock, ready to ship.  Must ship in oversize box. 




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