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  F800GS & F650GS Touring AeroScreen

Our Touring Screens are designed to provide maximum protection with smooth over-the-helmet airflow.  Contoured to provide clearance for handle-bars and hand-gards.  This also allows us to make the screen wider than BMW, or other aftermarket screens which means the AeroScreen offers better body protection.
Touring AeroScreens also have an air-intake molded in to eliminate back-pressure and provide airflow behind the screen.  This airflow is controlled by the Laminar Flow Plate reducing turbulence and increasing coverage.  Rugged, powder-coated Support Brackets to hold the screen securely, reduce stress to the stock brackets, and prevent windscreen flutter and turbulence.

Fits '09 to '12 with no modifications.

'13-on F800GS AeroScreen: Our Touring screen will fit with some modifications.  Click Here to download a .pdf showing how one customer made it work.

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  F650GS / F700GS / F800GS Off Road AeroScreen

AeroFlow F650/700/800GS Off Road Screens are designed to replace the stock BMW screens and are intended primarily for Sport and Off-Road riding with a full coverage helmet with the face shield closed. They offer air to the arms, shoulders and helmet, but without the turbulence generated by the stock BMW screens. If you're riding off road or in hot weather and want more air, our Off Road Screens are just the ticket.

F650GS ('09-'12) / F700GS & F800GS ('09-13). Does not fit 2014.

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F800GS & F650GS HeadLight Covers ('09-'12)

Protect your expensive headlight assembly with an AeroFlow HeadLight Cover (HLC). Molded to fit the contours of your headlight and manufactured with the same high quality plastic used in our windscreens, the clear HLC virtually disappears when mounted.

Don't get left in the dark - get your HLC today!

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F800GS & F650 AeroGards

A key ingredient in creating a total comfort zone for both the driver and the passenger.

AeroGards are designed to noticeably expand the envelope of protection for the driver's upper arms, shoulders, torso and improve over the helmet airflow.

AeroGards only work with the Touring AeroScreens. 

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F800GS & F650GS HandGards

Designed for maximum cold, wet weather, and brush/road debris protection. Only work with BMW's Optional metal brush guards.

AeroFlow HandGards protect your whole hand, not just the tops, and keep your hands dry as long as you're moving. For street riding they're great for protecting your hands from road debris, stones, and bug strikes. 

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F650GS Duct Deflectors

An amazing amount of additional coverage for their size. These deflectors attach to your bike's side air ducts, with easy on/off 3-M Dual-Lok.

Extend our Touring Screen/AeroGards' envelope of protection down to shin level. Easy to put on your bike for cold morning rides but easily removed and stored in a tank bag or saddle bag when they're not needed.

Fit F650GS models only.

Clearance Sale Price:
$69.95 while supplies last.

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F650GS Leg Gards

The last ingredient in our "Head-to Toes" approach.  LegGards not only block cold air from your lower legs and feet but also direct engine heat to your legs that can be felt in temps down the mid-40's.
Great for rain protection as they block rain to your feet and all but the outside edges of your legs.  A "must have" for anyone street riding in the rain or cold weather.

Fit F650GS models only.

Clearance Sale Price:
$144.95 or $119.95 combo purchase

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