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What we use:
We use Brillianize Plastic Cleaner and Novus Scratch Removers here in the shop. 

Brillianize Plastic Cleaner

8oz. Brillianize Spray

32oz. Brillianize Spray

Brillianize Wet/Dry Packs

8oz. Brillianize with 2 Wet/Dry packs and 1 MicroFiber Cloth

Gently cleans all plastics that have a hard shiny and non-absorbent surface without scratching. It leaves a lustrous shine that resists fogging, repels dust & resist finger prints.  Anti static and anti fog properties are also helpful on face shields.  Brillianize lets you clean & glaze in one step.



Novus Scratch Removers

Novus #2

Novus #3

Novus#2 Fine Scratch Remover:
Removes fine scratches, haziness and abrasions. Removes damage instead of filling it in. Seals with a coat of polish.

Novus #3 Heavy Scratch Remover:
Removes heavy, deep scratches and abrasions. Used when damage is too severe for Novus #2.



*Novus Scratch Removers are not for use on coated plastics or eyeglass lenses.



General Maintenance:
The best procedure for maintaining plastic is to first clean it using soap and water or a plastic cleaner/ polish. Next, remove scratches with a plastic scratch remover and then polish. If needed, fill any swirl marks with a water soluble "glaze", Meguiar's "#7 Hand Glaze" or 3M's "Imperial Hand Glaze #5990" work very well. Since glazes are water-soluble they need to be sealed with a hard paste wax - not a liquid wax. We use & recommend Meguiar's "#26 Yellow Paste Wax". This information is from our personal experience and a basic overview of how we clean and polish our personal screens. This is not an "Official" AeroFlow doctrine.

Cleaning on the road:
Never use gas station sponge or squeegees used for car glass. The sponge usually has a fiber netting on it that will scratch the plastic. Never use paper towels for cleaning screens, as they too will scratch the plastic. Warm, soapy water with a sponge or soft terry cloth towel will remove most dirt and bugs from the plastic. We always carry 2 soft wash cloths with us while on the road. One wet, carried in a resealable bag, for washing & the other for drying. We also carry a small bottle or single use pouch of plastic cleaner and polish.

Tar and Bug Removal:
Never use ammonia-based cleaners, carb cleaners, gasoline or kerosene on AeroFlow plastic. Never allow brake fluid to come in contact with AeroFlow plastic. 3-M™ Corporation makes several Tar & Bug Removers for removing dried-on bugs or greasy stuff. Their "Adhesive Remover-Citrus Based" comes in a 5oz. and 18.5oz. aerosol container and their "Bug, Tar and Adhesive Remover” comes in a 1 quart squeeze container which is good for keeping in the garage.

Removing Scratches:
Deep scratches can usually be rubbed out with Novus® #3 Scratch Remover. Most light scratches can be rubbed out with Novus #2, which also removes dried-on bugs, some tar and grease.

We use Rain-X® on our screens:
If you like "Rain X" and what it does, by all means use it on AeroFlow products.
"Rain X" is not recommended for plastics, says so right on the bottle. Problem is many plastics, such as older, injection molded screens, and many off-shore (Pacific) plastics are of lesser quality than AeroFlow plastic. They can yellow and craze in a short period of time and smoked plastic can turn purple. These problems are caused by U.V. Radiation. "Rain-X" exacerbates the problem and rather than try to distinguish which plastic the product could be used on without harming it, they simply say "Don't use it on plastics - period". Our plastic does not fall into the "lesser quality" plastic category. The cost of our plastic is more expensive than standard acrylic - but it's worth it. We use "Rain X" on our screens, headlight, headlight covers, gauges and mirrors when we ride in the rain.


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