AeroFlow, Corp.


AeroFlow is a small, family business and thankfully, we are able to telecommute and fulfill orders with little public contact.  We are open for business.
We are monitoring the evolving situation and are keeping a close watch on the daily developments.  Our hearts continue to be with all of those who have been affected, and we remain hopeful that COVID-19 is quickly controlled.
This is a note that just came in for one of our vendors we would like you to read and share.  We've changed a few words to represent our business.

"To our customers and our customers, customers.  We value you and your business. We all need you.

I won't talk about all the cleaning we are doing, it's a given, I won't sell you toilet paper, unless you really need it. I will ask that you support as many small businesses as possible. We deal with so many businesses that now, more than ever need to have patrons.

Here is how we all can help:
Order delivery. Buy gift cards for later use.
Advocate for emergency changes in our government for help and services
Social promoting, Facebook, IG, Twitter, Snap., TikTok.... And any other platform I don't understand.

Businesses need the cash to survive, if they can get it sooner, the easier it will be to weather the storm.
Be Kind, we are all in this together. Be giving, we are all in this together.
Be proactive, we are all in this together. Be healthy, we are all in this together.

What we can do as a business:
Order lunch for the staff, so they don't have to take the chance of interaction.
Close as needed to let families be together. (If you can afford)
Allow employees to work from home if possible.
Let customers know if you are open and how they can safely attain your services.

AeroFlow, Corp. will be open, as long as we are allowed.  We ask that you communicate through email or phone.
If you need advice, an ear to talk to or just a laugh, please email or call.

We are thankful to our community and thankful to have all of you as customers.

Again, we are all in this together.

We cannot think of a better way to say this...
The AeroFlow, Corp. Family